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Cultivation Tao with Primordial Power: Volume 4

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Cultivation Tao with Primordial Power: Volume 4

Lunghezza: 791 pagine12 ore


Li Xuan, who was forcefully reincarnated, obtained the Primordial Purple Light, the ancestor of all things in the universe when it was born. After reincarnating, he had a physique that had five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth at the same time. The physique of the five elements gave him limitless strength, but also made him shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Heavenly Dao.

The chaos of the Heavenly Dao was only waiting for his arrival. Some people conformed to the dao of the heavens, but there were also people who defied the will of the heavens, seeking out a chaotic situation. When everything was about to become clear, instead …

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