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The Beckoning of Broken Things: The Beckoning Series, #3

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The Beckoning of Broken Things: The Beckoning Series, #3

Lunghezza: 367 pagine5 ore


If it's up to me, the so-called Light Bearer, to save the planet, we're in trouble. Because, guess what? I've been locked up tight and left for delusional.

So much for exploring the realm of magic. I've been thrown into a psychiatric hospital for the clinically insane. No one believes me when I tell them what I recently experienced or what I can do to shape light.

My boyfriend is MIA. No one knows where he is. My dog is in the clutches of my aunt. My heart's a confused mess. Even I start to wonder if I'm capable of all the glory other people see in me.

The only person who can help me is another nutter in the insane asylum and he's as crazy as I am. And when I find out what he can do and where he abides? Well, I know I've gone off the deep end now. The best I can do is splash into his warped mind reality and take charge… but then I might be in here for a long, long time.

The Beckoning of Broken Things is the third book in The Beckoning Series, a steamy and thrilling fantasy, overflowing with lust and suspense. Readers will experience romance, mystery and a reverse harem twist in this sexy, exciting book.

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