Sparrows and the Hawk

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Sparrows and the Hawk

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Erwin waits for Daniel in a safe house on the night of November 9th, 1938. Outside, there is violence and hate in the streets. Unknown to Erwin, this is the time that will soon be known as the beginning of the Holocaust. A time that will mean Daniel, the man Erwin loves, is no longer safe.

All because Daniel is Jewish.

Erwin and Daniel decide they must get out of Nazi Germany. Along the way they face many obstacles, but the biggest is figuring out who they can trust to get them to safety. Nothing is as it seems as schemers, people with their own agenda, and pure evil conspires against them.

Can Erwin keep Daniel from harm as their relationship deepens and they make their escape? Or will a world gone mad prove too much as it heads full-on into war?

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