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Sugar Free Cookbook: 40 Selected Healthy Diet Recipes for Ultimate Results

Sugar Free Cookbook: 40 Selected Healthy Diet Recipes for Ultimate Results

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Sugar Free Cookbook: 40 Selected Healthy Diet Recipes for Ultimate Results

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May 8, 2020


This Sugar-Free Cookbook is a great collection for anyone who wants to have a healthier body. It is also suitable for those who have or live with people who suffer from diabetic. One great advantage of this book is that it is completed with a thorough explanation of Sugar-Free Diet so that you will not get lost while performing this kind of diet.

In addition, this cookbook has countless recipes that you can follow. You can create your own meal plan for a month by adding your most favorite recipes to the list. You will have several choices of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, as well as snacks that you and your loved ones will definitely love. You will also be guided on how to take the first step into this diet so that you will go on this diet easily.

The selection of recipes has been tested in our kitchen. Every single recipe is completed with a picture and a short description so that you can imagine how tasteful it is, even before you cook it. Also, there are some tips and tricks on how to cook the recipes or substitute the ingredients so that you can freely adjust the recipes based on the material that you like. This will also allow you to have many kinds of variations from a single recipe.

Purchase this cookbook now and enjoy the ultimate advantages of applying this sugar-free diet as a part of your lifestyle.

Be healthy, be sugar-free!!

May 8, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Gordon Rock is the author for hundreds of cookbooks on delicious meals that the 'average Joe' can attempt at home. Including, but definitely not limited to, the Amazon Prime bestseller "Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue".Rock is also known for other well-known titles such as "Making Fresh Pasta", "Hot Sauce", "The Paleo Chocolate Lovers" and "Vegan Tacos", just to name a few.Rock has been nominated for various awards and has recently been offered a 'Question & Answers' column in Food and Wine Magazine that will give him a greater medium to respond to all the queries readers may have after attempting his recipes. He has also been honored by the Institution of Culinary Excellence for his outstanding recipes.Gordon Rock grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles in California, where he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with honors. He still resides there along with his wife and three kids. He operates a non - profit organization for aspiring cooks who are unable to finance their culinary education and spends practically all his spare time either in the kitchen or around his desk writing.

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Sugar Free Cookbook - Gordon Rock



Sugar is one of common food ingredients used in an everyday life. It doesn’t only give sweet taste and flavor, but it also performs a lot of functions in food products. That is why sugar can be considered as a part of people’s daily meal consumption. It seems that no one in this modern era doesn’t know and consume sugar.

Instead of the fact, the sugar is very popular; people are suggested to avoid sugar (or limit its consumption) from their daily life. Why should people do that? This book provides a brief explanation about the sugar-free diet. It is a kind of eating habit that avoids any form of added sugar in daily consumption.

Sugar is consumed in many ways. Some people like to put a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee or tea. Some other people bake it into cakes, bread, cookies, and pastries. Sprinkle sugar over oatmeal or other breakfast cereal also becomes many people’s choice.

Not only consumed in everyday food and drink, but sugar is also often included in some treats like candies, ice cream, fruit juices, or sodas. However, that is not all. Many kinds of processed food also use a certain amount of sugar in their products to prolong the life of the food. It seems that sugar is used in many types of people’s daily consumption.

There are several types of sugar. They are fructose, glucose, maltose, lactose, and sucrose. Sucrose is a kind of sugar that is known as table sugar. Fructose, lactose, and glucose are naturally provided in vegetables, fruits, and other raw food—are often called as natural sugar. This natural sugar actually is good for our body.

The kind of sugar that is bad for our body is the added sugar that is commonly found in cakes, soft drinks, chocolate, pies, dessert, and fruit drinks.  The added sugar is added to these products to enhance the sweetness of the products. This kind of sugar that has been mentioned as the trigger to many health problems. That is why; added sugar absolutely must to be avoided.

A Brief Explanation About Sugar-Free Diet

A sugar-free diet can be described as avoiding the consumption of food that becomes a source of added sugar. In this case, added sugar is commonly found in soda, sweetened dairy products, packaged fruit juice, snack bars, cake, cookies, processed cereal, bread, and any kinds of food that use table sugar. Besides, sugar-free diet is usually followed by the reduction of high carbohydrates such as grains and fruits. Though grains and fruits are healthy, they still contain high sugar.

The basic principle of sugar-free diet is eating like our grandparents used to. At that time, they didn’t have processed food and additives. People consumed egg, meat, vegetables, fruit, and whole milk in simple ways without complicated process or any added sugar. The sugar-free diet focuses on eating whole food as natural as possible.

There are two types of sugar-free diet. The first type avoids consuming all sources of sugar, including fruits and some high-sugar

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