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Ode to the Banh Mi

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Ode to the Banh Mi

Lunghezza: 86 pagine1 ora


BIANCA PHAM took a tree change, moving out of the inner Perth suburb she grew up in, to work as a gardener for a new restaurant business in the fabled Margaret River region. Surrounded by great wines, the world's best cheese, and one prize dickhead. Her boss, Etienne, thinks he's the greatest French chef the world has ever seen. Yes, he uses her produce to create mouth-watering dishes that draw global celebrities to his stunning restaurant. But those celebrities don't have to work with his special brand of pretentious genius. Only one thing could make his cooking even better—a decent dose of chilli from her favourite corner of her garden.

ETIENNE BOURGEOIS is a chef with a mission. To bring the true flavours of French cooking to Australia's food culture—liberal amounts of butter with the right blends of herbs. He has his paddock to plate restaurant Homage, but he wants more. He wants a TV show, he wants a brand name, a book deal, everything. One thing he doesn't want to be is that boss—the icky one who bangs his staff—he's seen many restaurants ruined because chefs couldn't keep their dick in their pants. Fortunately, his gorgeous gardener Bianca's sharp tongue helps remind him that she's his employee. Off limits.

When the TV director proposes a new angle to the show, their working relationship gets put in the spotlight.

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