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Beaded Snowflake Patterns - Group 5

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Beaded Snowflake Patterns - Group 5

Lunghezza: 67 pagine18 minuti


This eBook Group 5 includes 3 patterns for the some of the most popular snowflake ornament patterns available. It also includes some basic getting started beading instructions (These instructions are all the same in each Snowflake Group eBook). Just the actual designed pattern changes. To some this might seem repetitive, but for others, the information might be needed if they are a beginner. Even for beaders that have been beading for years, this information could also be useful. This pattern is designed for the very advanced beginner to intermediate; experience in bead weaving is needed. Each Snowflake Ornament Patterns includes step-by-step directions and full color illustrations.

Project Type: Bead Weaving Stitch: net weave
The patterns in this eBook use a variety of beads.
If you would prefer to buy them separately, look for these patterns below.
Snowflake #146 Ornament Pattern
Snowflake #147 Ornament Pattern
Snowflake #148 Ornament Pattern
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