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The Rescue

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The Rescue

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A new naval ship is under construction. It is one of many in this class. A small engine room change may help a leaking shaft, which is on every ship of this class. A light switch is out on the lathe as they turn the shafts, but well within specs. Quality control approves the shafts as they have high values but still within the limits.
During sea trails the Valiant is requested to help in a commercial aircraft forced to ditch in the ocean. The Chief of the engine room and the lead engineer Jan Douglas tries to coax the speed of the Valiant above its rated value to attempt a rescue of the airplane passengers.

Sea trials go very well after which Captain Strong become an Admiral and the Exec becomes the Captain of the Valiant. Jan goes back to work, and the Chief retires from the Navy.

Several years later, Jan and the Chief are picked up by black hawk helos wherever they are to help again on the Valiant.
College students and teachers are on a small atoll in the Pacific. They have a plane to get off but stay to study the unusual happens to the island. Then the island sinks a few feet and they lose their plane. They call for help but with no air strip they need be taken off by helos or ships.
It is feared the island will explode and the closest ship is days away to pick them up. However, the seas are so rough that a ship dares not get to close. They fear the volcano will explode and send out huge waves that could swamp any size ships. The navy is steaming out of the area as fast as possible.
The main fleet is two or three days from getting a helicopter into the area.

Some how the Valiant with the best speed might be able to get close enough for a Marine landing craft to land and pick them up. But now the water maybe to hot and burn its engines out.
They are able to get a phone calls transferred out from the Atoll, “Daddy, don’t try to come and get us. The island is almost covered with water and it near boiling in the lagoon.. It is sinking, fast. Love you.” Click.
He hands the phone to an aid, “Is there something I can do Mr. President?”
“No, that will be all.”

Can Jan, the engine room designer; the engine room Chief,; the ex-Captain of the Valiant, now an Admiral pull another rabbit out of their hat?”

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