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Get rid of your emotional garbage

Get rid of your emotional garbage

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Get rid of your emotional garbage

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Mar 24, 2020


People come to me and ask how they can love themselves more, how they can feel good about themselves or simply how to feel better, happier. What I always answer is that they need to get rid of their fears. According to the way I see things, there are actually two driving forces in life: Fear and Love.

The way I work with my clients is that I do not encourage them to build up their courage. At least, not as a long term solution. Instead, I teach them how to let go of these emotions, how to transform them.

Often, fear of other people’s judgment, sadness, anxiety are but symptoms of a much more profound suffering. If you find yourself over eating, smoking, exercising, doing chores, working late, needing a drink and so on so that you can avoid feeling bad, you may want to reconsider your strategy.

I’m sure that like me, you’ve read numerous books, watched hours of videos and maybe even went to events and workshops where great people tell you that you only need to make a shift in your thoughts, that you need to align your desires with the Universe or simply that you need to feel good right now so that you can attract the money, the true love or the healing you so desire.

But, admit it. You didn’t yet get the results you were promised, am I right? That’s because there is a key ingredient that they are not talking about. You need to get rid of your negative emotions and there is a simple technique that you will learn in this book.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to read, or you just don’t have the time, you will love this book. It’s been written in a way that is just for you.

Straight to the point.

No long chapters that go on forever, no big words to sound important, just the plain facts, the information you need to know. No more, no less.

Read the book, do the exercises, get rid of your emotional garbage.

That’s it!
Mar 24, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Auteur et conférencier, Stéphane Jalbert offre à ses clients une approche différente : celle d’accéder à leurs propres réponses à travers une voie qui unit spiritualité et psychologie. Il souhaite ainsi permettre au génie qui réside en chacun de nous de s’exprimer librement. Cette philosophie de vie, qu’il applique lui-même, est le fruit de plus de trente années d’études, d’observations et d’expérimentations.

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Get rid of your emotional garbage - Stéphane Jalbert


Before we begin

What if someone told you they had found a ton of garbage in your backyard. What would you do then?

Would you go out and start getting rid of it, or would you just stay inside and curse at the fact that life is so unfair, that you are so unlucky to have amassed so much stuff in your life? Maybe you would discard the information and think that this person is a liar, jealous or anything that would make you feel less uncomfortable.


You could decide to take care of it by taking each bag apart, rip it open, analyze it and try to understand why you had this piece of junk in this your yard.

You could also try to look at this pile and simply decide to get rid of small bag, once in a while.

Of course, you’re probably thinking that none of those solution make sense...and you’d be right to think like this as far as I’m concerned!

What I would do in this situation, and maybe that’s what you would too, is to get a big truck to my house and fill it to its fullest capacity from the trash invading my space, have it go away, get emptied at the dump only to get back to my place and repeat the process as much as I could.

Of course, we’re talking about a lot of work. But the benefit of having it done would outweigh the hardship that would come from cleansing your place. Wouldn't you agree?

What if I suggested you to transfer that metaphor and say that the garbage was your negative emotions, that your backyard or your home was your body...your entire being?

How would you act if you knew that it was possible to eliminate what is holding you back from being happy, from doing stuff that would make you whole?

I have met people who live in their head so much that they cannot feel anything in their body. Not physically, even less emotionally. They can’t even hear me when I talk about emotions. I also have met people who are so attached to understanding all there is in their lives...they are examining and trying to understand why there is so much trash in their lives. Or some are attached to the fact that emotions are what make them human (but I’m not talking about getting rid of your positive emotions!)

Then again, I also had clients I explained the technique to, then tried it once, for 30 seconds, found it efficient only to never do it change happened to those either!

But the ones who are doing the work, they find a real transformation in their lives! The stories I could tell...not only have I had success with this technique that I will explain (at the end of the book), but also many others who are using it.

My wish is that all the planet would know about it...well, only each human living on it.

Of course, at the time I’m writing these lines, I’m still in the process of cleaning my backyard from all the trash I accumulated in my life. What I can say, though, is that I have much more peace of mind than before I started. I can also tell you that in the next years, I will have much more peace of mind than I have right now!

Yes, there are still times when I feel like crawling into a corner and cry my life out because it is so hard...yes, there are still times when I get angry at the idiot on the road who just did a dangerous manoeuvre.

But it happens less, with less intensity (sometimes as much, I admit) and it doesn’t last as long as it did before.

In short, my life is better than it was before I started using this technique.

I really hope you give it a try!

So if you’re willing, I invite you to take the first step on a path not many people are even aware of...

What is an emotion, by the way?

Yes, you read well.

I will take the time to explain what an emotion is because, in this case too, I often meet people to whom I teach the technique of transformation of emotions that don’t have a clue about what I’m saying to them!

Since this is the basis of the technique that I teach, it is pretty important to know about it wouldn’t you agree?

If you are ABSOLUTELY sure that you know what an emotion is, how to recognize that you are living one and what type of emotion you want to transform, you can go directly to the chapter that talks about the technique, towards the end of the book.

If you have the slightest doubt, or simply want to know about the other techniques I will talk about in the chapters to come, I invite you to keep on reading!

There are two families of emotions:

Positive emotions

Negative emotions

Of course, you don’t want to transform your positive emotions; instead you want to make them live longer, be more vibrant and grow inside of you.

You will want to work on those that are negative, we all agree on that, don’t we?

But first, let’s talk about the positive emotions…

If you are laughing, smiling…if you shed a tear just because you are moved, if you feel excited simply because you are thinking about a project, travel plans or about a person, you are having a positive emotion.

If you are feeling inner peace, a deep state of calm, or connected to the Universe, you are also living a positive emotion (some people misinterpret those states of being as an absence of emotion; they couldn’t be more wrong!).

In short, when I feel good, I am having a positive emotion!


If you are

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