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Funny Thing I Heard At The Doctor's Office

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Funny Thing I Heard At The Doctor's Office

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The title of this book is actually a misnomer. What I have heard at doctor offices in the past four or more years -- I would NOT call comical. If there was comedy generated -- it was by me and some of the patients I engaged in conversation.
These comments came mostly from the attending doctors themselves. While it is true that some of them had a sense of humor-- for the most part there was nothing remotely comical that came from their mouths.
Some of these comments I actually laughed about-- at first. Later when I reflected on the impact of these statements -- a sober mood set in.
What is that old saying--- "Laughter is the best medicine"?
Apparently these doctors never met Patch Adams!
Despite the movie about "Patch Adams" -- medicine is NOT about comedy. Medicine is a very serious business!
Yet the antithesis of laughter in medicine is not a promising proposition either.
At first I thought about entitling this book : "The 101 Kraziest Things I Heard At The Doctor's Office" Another title I considered : "The 101 Stupidest Things I Heard At The Doctor's Office".
I opted for a less harsh title instead."
To imply doctors are crazy or stupid would NOT be accurate or Fair.
Yes I want to be Fair.
I endeavor to be fair because: I saw an episode on "60 minutes" a year ago. John Hopkins hospital made tution free for medical students-- a historical move. The narrative about student loans and the enormous amount of student debt-- made me more appreciative of what doctors do.

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