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Everyday Serbian Recipes: Bring the Best of Serbia To Your Home!

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Everyday Serbian Recipes: Bring the Best of Serbia To Your Home!

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This book is based on everyday food which is made in Serbia. It is ideal for beginners because the recipes are very easy to make. It is also pretty much affordable and the ingredients are easy to find.

This will be a variety book, which will contain all three meals. From a rich breakfast that will keep you fresh and strong for everyday tasks, through good and also very tasty lunch recipes, to a light evening meal. Also, there will be mentioned a lot of soups, side dishes, salads, and desserts!

This book will be more than just recipes, because the cult of Serbian food is followed by stories, legends and many mythological heroes which, according to legends, received its powers from this food. You are not just about to read a normal cookbook – you are about to read history, archaic beliefs of South Slavs and all that this food presents to them.

We cannot guarantee you that you will become a superhero, but we can guarantee that you will enjoy preparing and eating much delicious food!

Find out why Serbia is the No. 1 destination for gourmets. Do not hesitate to try something new – bring the best of Serbia to your home!

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