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Embroidery: A Skill for All

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Embroidery: A Skill for All

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How to turn the art of embroidery into a source of secure recurring income. The real skill of embroidery these days has fallen to the very few. The number of people I talk with in my 'lanes of society' have no idea on how to hem a skirt, fix a tear, patch jeans, or even make modern-day designs for clothes, curtains and the like. Embroidery does not require any form of genius, it's the simple art of implementing designs or drawings onto materials that enhance the beauty of the cloth. Designs can be 'borrowed' from wherever, it's the skill of applying the designs that embroidery encompasses. Learn the art of embroidery and make a secure recurring income for yourself no matter what the economy. If the economy is doing well people want to customize their look and are willing to pay for it, while in a downturn people are trying to save money by keeping their attire costs as low as possible. Consider waste and pollution; maintaining materials longer will reduce both the demand for raw materials while saving landfills from excessive waste of convenience. No matter what the time of year embroidery will always be your companion, even in the dark wet dank days, sitting by a fire developing your skills will only enhance your well-being and creativity by providing an outlet for your need to be doing something other than watching TV! In good weather it's the time for spotting those unusual designs that you can customize and add to your embroidery portfolio designs. Learning this skill is not only low cost, but its rewards will be great. Seize the moment, develop the ability and become one of the few highly respected and often wealthy embroiderers!

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