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Bluster Strike and Beyond; Commentary on the Impeachment Trial of the Decade

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Bluster Strike and Beyond; Commentary on the Impeachment Trial of the Decade

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Although Low House Speaker Pelosi and minions would have the public believe it; it's not true – the vituperative Low House Speaker on her own can't just initiate impeachment proceedings with the sending around of the phony subpoenas pulling people out of bed like that 'cause she and minions think they have an axe to grind (and they might have had). The Vincent-Warren (Supreme) Courts did away with that business hangover from the McCarthy era witch hunts. But she did it anyway and it wouldn't matter.

So the Article 2 "Obstruction of Congress" charge was out; and as explained and documented in the previous book "Ignoring Zelenskyy;" the Article I accusations were gross fabrication. But that didn't matter either;

The House of Representatives' Articles of Impeachment were voted in favor of strictly along party lines. Democratic Party Congress membership having control of the Lower House – the motion to set fires in the Republican camp controlled Senate was energetically approved. It was widely anticipated that the Senate would also vote along party lines to douse inflamed synthetic passions and mock posturing; and to "acquit" the President of wrongdoings so alleged.
As a magical political taunt it couldn't lose. The Senate trial provided a field day venue for top quality anti-Trump rhetoric and when the Senate inevitably decided against impeachment the Democratic Party goers could always say (and did) that they was robbed and Trump should have been ousted on his ear but for the injustices of partisan politics and majority vote counts.

It wasn't necessarily the ouster of Trump from office was needed at this time. The Senate trial could become the kick off to an exciting and unique presidential campaign, and would find its lasting full measure of justification by getting a Democratic Party contender hopeful elected as President in November.
The impeachment trial was a political showpiece. Nevertheless, what was discussed in the trial on the part of the Defense is of great interest.
All in all the immediate casualty was Joe Biden's election campaign – 'cause that trial incidentally made Joe look real bad; and the Democrats favoring Biden shouldn't have let that thing out of the Lower House if only on account of it. Things balance out; other Dem candidates have since gained opportunity and advantage in the opened up field.

What's fascinating is in the aftermath of the trial. A Senate Bill introduced by senior cool hand Democrats on 13 February 2020; and a quiet meeting between one of the Bill's co-sponsors and Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif in Munich indicates strongly that the impeachment wasn't necessarily about the specious accusations made. The underlying reason Trump was so rancorously impeached was because he pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal.

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