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Only Forever Is Enough

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Only Forever Is Enough

Lunghezza: 291 pagine2 ore


Cage Matthews has made it his mission in life to steer clear of the female population and focus on his career, but being a star quarterback in the NFL can make that difficult. Rosie comes into Cages life just when he decides to make a change, he’s ready to settle down and everything seems to be falling into place for him. But his plans for the future come crashing down when he finds out that Rosie has history with one of his teammates.

Rosie Bradley has been stuck in Willowby, Alabama her entire life. One night, while working the graveyard shift at the local diner she meets Cage. They instantly hit it off and she finally feels that spark she has been missing ever since her high school sweetheart left her high and dry eight years ago. But then her ex shows up at the diner looking for Cage and all those old feelings come roaring back to life. Can she ignore old feelings to explore a new love, or are her feelings towards her ex too strong to ignore?

Only Forever Is Enough is the fourth instalment in the For Keeps series but can be read as a standalone. Due to its explicit content, bad language and graphic sexual content, Only Forever Is Enough is recommended for mature readers of eighteen years and above.

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