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Dominate The Clique: An Unconventional Guide to Connecting with Anyone & Effective Communication Skills

Dominate The Clique: An Unconventional Guide to Connecting with Anyone & Effective Communication Skills

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Dominate The Clique: An Unconventional Guide to Connecting with Anyone & Effective Communication Skills

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Feb 19, 2020


Are your social interactions awkward, unsuccessful, or just uncomfortable? Then you need to keep reading….

You're in good company if you feel anxious in social settings or feel like your communication skills could use some improvement.

Over the years, in-person communications have become less and less effective and meaningful in a world that emphasizes so much digital media, but many of the "gurus" in interpersonal communication and relationships simply recycle the same old pieces of advice again and again.

This book aims to offer a less conventional approach, one packed full of actionable pieces of advice and strategies to gain an edge in social circles even if you've never had that success before. It's time to claim your courage and dominate your clique!

Inside this book you will discover:

  • The rarely-discussed key to better communication with anyone

  • A Step By Step strategy for improving your social confidence and communication

  • How the greatest communicators in history master their social interactions

  • The key to turning your crippling anxiety into confidence

  • How you can avoid the most common conversation killers

  • A checklist to track your progress in developing your social and communication skills

  • A special bonus chapter with a preview into another book on using affirmations to build social confidence

And much more!

Most attempts at trying to become more social and conversational fall flat after one or two tries, because you've been misled by the gurus who don't consider that different personalities will find different strategies more helpful.

Even if you've tried in the past to be more social or assertive in your social circles without success in the past, you'll finally have the tools, strategies and progress tracker to finally set yourself free!

If you're ready to take control of your social life and ability to communicate, then take the first step by reading this book today!

Feb 19, 2020

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Dominate The Clique - Vincent Kapoor



Self-Esteem & Communication Checklist vii

Introduction ix

Part I


The Basics 3

Hitler and Other Great Communicators 17

Part II


The Best Kept Secret to Being a Master 53


General Guidelines for Introverts 75

General Guidelines for Extroverts 96

8 Things That Will Destroy a Conversation


Checking In With Your Listeners 121

Part III


They Will Repay the Favor 131

Engage, but Be Authentic 137

The Hardest Part of Listening (and How to Cultivate It)


Part IV


Developing Your Gameplan 155

Resources 162

Afterword 169

Bonus Chapter 173

Other Books You’ll Love: 181

Self-Esteem & Communication Checklist183

References 185

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(Don’t read the book without this ...)

This checklist includes:


13 Must-have behaviors to develop better self-esteem & communication skills

An easy, visual system to see what areas you need to work on

A bi-weekly check-in to see where you've improved

The last thing I want is for you to read this book without taking action to completely change your life for the better!

To receive your free checklist, visit the link:


Have you ever found yourself in an unsuccessful or uncomfortable social  situation  because  you’ve communicated your thoughts or feelings poorly to other people? I personally have had those situations in the past—those awkward moments when I just wanted to disappear from the face of the Earth because of something I said to someone.

The truth is, everyone has gone through this kind of situation at least once in our lives. We experience some sort of miscommunication with our bosses, employees, co-workers, children, significant others, friends, family, or strangers we just met. In these moments, we usually don’t mean to say something that brings the whole room to a halt in the most intolerable way. I’m sure none of you who are


reading this book wants to make other people feel uneasy around you, yet it still happens.

You’re reading this book because you want to be a better communicator, and good communicators have a way of making other people feel at ease in their presence. Good communicators also have the ability to express their thoughts and feelings clearly.

However, before you begin this journey to self- improvement, you need to realize that your experi‐ ence with awkward social situations is not as unique as you think. Other people have also been embar‐ rassed by the words that have come out of their mouths, myself included. I have also noticed that in- person communications are becoming less and less effective and meaningful in this current era of digital media. We’re so used to speaking through our phones and computers that talking to someone without a screen may feel unfamiliar.

So your first step, which you’re taking right here, is to forgive your past self for saying things that may have made you and others feel uncomfortable. It probably wasn’t your intention to evoke awkward‐ ness with your words. And besides, it’s hard to work on being better if you feel resentful or, at the very

least, recoiled  about  something  that  already happened in the past.

Moreover, you can’t converse better with others if you can’t even talk to yourself properly. Those acri‐ monious thoughts in your head are the conversa‐  tions you have with yourself, and they lead to lower self-confidence, poorer self-image, and less effective communication skills. No matter how many times you read this book, if you don’t give yourself a little leniency, you’ll find it extremely challenging to actu‐ ally achieve progress.

With that said, any internal dialogue that is not good for your self-image stops now. You’ll be speaking to yourself with kindness and  compassion  from  here on out, so you can also build the confidence needed  to effortlessly speak with or in front of others.

Repeat this mantra to yourself: I forgive my past  self and promise to be kind to my present self, so my future self can become a better version of who I am today.

I wrote this book, Dominate The Clique: An Unconven‐ tional Guide to Connecting with Anyone & Effective Communication Skills, to help you become a better communicator. It is divided into four sections:

Part 1 will cover the reasons behind your communication problems and why the advice of so many gurus has failed you (Chapters 1-2).

Part 2 will focus on how you can effectively communicate your message or story to your audience (Chapters 3-6).

Part 3 covers the undervalued part of communication—listening (Chapter 7). Part 4 is where you’ll find an action plan to help you put everything you will learn from this book into practice, plus some other resources to further guide you in this journey (Chapters 8-9).

While most gurus will give you the same old pieces of advice, I am here to teach you practical concepts and actionable steps that you can implement in your daily life. I have formulated these strategies through a decade of studying communication and public speaking with both large audiences and small groups. Through the years, I have studied how most people maximize learning and what advice has failed them time and time again.

You should know, however, that this book is not focused on public speaking or presentations, but it

will touch on the subject from time to time. It is mostly centered on more personal, small group, or one-on-one communications. You will also not  become a better communicator overnight. Like anything that’s worth having in this world, you need to work hard and practice consistently so you can actually see results.

In addition, I’m not saying that other experts’ communication techniques are not effective. But my strategies will lead to measurable results that you will immediately notice and can continue to build on as you go along. Personally, they have helped me to dramatically improve the quality of my relation‐ ships, because I was able to better understand and be understood by everyone around me. The extent and power of my network also blew up! I was shocked at how fast my social circle grew. Because I was able to effectively communicate with people, they were eager to introduce me to their own networks.

By applying what you learn, you will enjoy the same benefits that I have after integrating these strategies in my everyday life. Like a self-sustaining ecosystem, enhancing your communication skills will also increase your confidence. It will significantly improve your relationships, network, personal

brand, public image, and work life, as well. Being a good communicator will open up new opportunities for you.

You may feel you’ve already established yourself as a poor communicator in your social circles, but that doesn’t have to be permanent. It is, however, urgent that you digest this information and take action on it as soon as you possible. You also have to be consis‐ tent. You can’t read this book and not apply what you learn as part of your routine. Otherwise, what’s the point of reading this book in the first place?

Before we jump right into Part 1, let me ask you one question: Are you tired of missing out on new opportunities and relationships because of your poor communication skills? If you said yes, then take control of your public image, improve your commu‐ nication habits, and start your journey to self- improvement today!





e’ll begin this journey with the basics. This chapter is divided into

two parts that work to build the foundation for any good communicator. I will also help you reinforce this foundation by introducing an exercise that will strengthen your basic communication skills.

The first subchapter will focus on general tips and advice that any communication expert or guru has undoubtedly given at some point in time. Therefore, you should already be familiar with these concepts and understand why they help you become a good communicator.

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