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Lunghezza: 93 pagine1 ora


Beatrice is the story of a monster trying to make her way through a confusing and frequently uncaring human world. Beatrice and others of her kind find human behaviour perplexing and full of contradictions. As Beatrice realizes at one point the greatest problem with human beings is that "they can't pull together." She does, however, have a close human friend in Eleanor of 1137 Aquitaine Street. After her painful breakup with Big Guy, Beatrice seeks solace in the quiet and beauty of South-Western France with Eleanor at her side. She discovers that this drifting life is not for her and she returns to British Columbia in the hopes of finding Big Guy and rekindling their romance. Things do not turn out as expected and Beatrice must find a new life and purpose. Adventures follow as does love. Beatrice's life becomes full and complete. There is much we humans can learn from monsters like Beatrice. The secret is to open our minds and hearts.

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