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Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby

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Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby

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Feb 12, 2020


Enjoy making pizza, pizza sandwiches - Learn from great pizza chef, Jay Polmar. Great recipes, great meals - easy to prepare.

Feb 12, 2020

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Dr. Jay Polmar has created a unique world of self-empowered thought to help you create the reality that you desire. Starting from the very first book that you read, you will realize your own power surfacing. Welcome to your own self-empowered world!

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Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby - Dr. Jay Polmar



Remember your first pizza? Sure you do… all that gooey cheese goodness, the red sauce dripping down your small hand sand the utterly surprised delight that hit your tongue the second you took the first bite. And the second, third and fourth bites that followed were even better, because by then you knew what to expect: awesome taste, crunchy texture, cheese and sauce holding a family reunion in your mouth.

Pizza, as much as the dollar and American pop culture, has truly colonized our world. You can find pizza in New York, Des Moines sand Guatemala City, but also in Turkey, China and, of course, in its Italian birth place of Naples. You can have as many kinds of pizza as there are countries in the world, lifestyle sand tastes. Thus the dessert pizza, the vegan pie, the pita and French bread pizza variations were born.

Pizza is not just a favorite food, but also an addiction… an obsession with pizza ovens, peels, Stone sand kinds of flour. An obsession that may start with restaurant or take out pizza, but will inevitably end up with the addict insisting on making and cooking his own pizzas, just to ensure that they´re the best in the world.

This book was born of an attempt to give our readers an overview of the best pizza recipes from allover the world, with the idea of giving everyone the chance to move beyond the wonderful, albeit common place pepperoni pie, into a wild universe where preparing and cooking any pizza is possible. From one pizza addict to another, please enjoy and use this book to feed your pizza obsession.


Let´s face it: pepperoni is the gold standard for pizza everywhere. But what about bacon, or Virginia ham, Italian sausage or the myriad deli meats available today? Give your taste buds the chance to try new things with these original and wonderful deli meat pizza recipes. And once you´ve had your fill of new experiences, don´t forget to read our next chapter for fantastic, amazingly cheesy cheese pizza recipes.


Prep/Total Time: 10 minutes     MAKES: 1 serving


•2 leftover pizza slices, preferably square pieces

•1 handful arugula leaves

•3-4 fresh basil leaves

•2-3 slices Mozzarella cheese

•2 slices cooked bacon

•1-2 fried eggs, cooked to your taste

•olive oil, for drizzling

•hot pepper oil, for drizzling (optional)

•Panini press


1) Preheat Panini press according to manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Layer arugula, basil, mozzarella, bacon and fried egg between pizza slices.

3) Drizzle sandwich with olive or hot pepper oil.

4) Grill in Panini press for 3-4 minutes or until cheese melts.

5) Cut in half and enjoy.

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