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Legends & Legacies: 13 Quilts for Reproduction Prints

Legends & Legacies: 13 Quilts for Reproduction Prints

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Legends & Legacies: 13 Quilts for Reproduction Prints

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Mar 2, 2020


Create quilted legacies with best-selling author Carol Hopkins. Thirteen Civil War-style quilts are inspired by the people, places, and events of this unique period in history.

Quilters can gather their reproduction fabrics and stitch tributes to trends of the time, like military timepieces and hoop skirts. Along with Carol's exquisite designs to make step by step, readers will enjoy learning interesting tidbits about the Civil War and stories about how each stunning quilt came to be.
Mar 2, 2020

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Legends & Legacies - Carol Hopkins


Welcome to Legends & Legacies, my newest collection of 13 quilts featuring reproduction fabrics representing the Civil War era through the 1880s. Unlike my previous books that focused on either large or small quilts, this one contains an assortment of sizes, all made with blocks and colors used by our quilting foremothers. Civil War–era quilts contained a variety of elegant multicolored prints with intricate designs and rich palettes like those reflected in the Baskets of Friendship (page 46) and Crossroads (page 52) quilts found in this book. As families mourned their losses after the war, many of these fancier clothing prints were replaced by somber tones of gray, black, burgundy, and blue along with reds and pinks like those I used in Mama Sara (page 11) and Whistler’s Wife (page 41).

I’m often asked how I select the names for my quilts. As I read historical accounts of the Civil War, I’m drawn to stories about people, places, events, and things in everyday life, in contrast to descriptions of the devastating strife on battlefields. Some of the quilts in this book, such as Marching Home (page 27) and Blockade (page 58), reflect logistical events of the war. Others are named for popular clothing items or accessories like Timepieces (page 6) and Hoop Skirts (page 16). The quilts Red Bars of Courage (page 22), Cyrus Young (page 68), and Family Album (page 74) remind us of the war’s devastating toll on individuals and their families. And since the powerful love of family transcends all periods of history, I’ve named the quilts Carly’s Star (page 34) and Timothy’s Song (page 63) in honor of precious people in my own family.

As you peruse the contents of Legends & Legacies, it’s my hope that you’ll be inspired to use your collection of reproduction fabrics to create a quilt, large or small, in honor of a special person or event in your life.

~ Carol


Pieced by Carol Hopkins and quilted by Mary Boldt

Finished quilt: 53½ x 65½

Finished block: 6 x 6

Vintage military timepieces, particularly those engraved with the names of combatants or individuals of significance who carried them during the Civil War, are highly sought after by collectors. Made of silver or gold and based on standard models and designs, these watches were mass-produced. They could be wound and set from the rear using a small key.


Yardage is based on 42-wide fabric. Fat eighths measure 9 x 21".

11 fat eighths of assorted light prints for blocks

16 fat eighths of assorted dark prints for blocks

1¼ yards of tan stripe for setting squares

2⅛ yards of paisley stripe for border

½ yard of red print for binding

4 yards of fabric for backing

60 x 72 piece of batting

A Matter of Scale

Selecting a multicolored large-scale print for the border will create movement and tie together the colors used in the scrappy blocks.


Cutting directions allow for each light print to be used in three different blocks and each dark print to be used in two different blocks. All measurements include ¼"-wide seam allowances.

From each of the light prints, cut:

6 squares, 2⅞ x 2⅞; cut in half diagonally to yield 12 triangles (132 total; 4 are extra)

2 squares, 3¼ x 3¼; cut into quarters diagonally to yield 8 triangles (88 total; 24 are extra)

From each of the dark prints, cut:

8 squares, 2½ x 2½ (128 total)

4 squares, 2⅞ x 2⅞; cut in half diagonally to yield 8 triangles (128 total)

1 square, 3¼ x 3¼; cut into quarters diagonally to yield 4 triangles (64 total)

From the tan stripe, cut:

6 strips, 6½ x 42; crosscut into 31 squares, 6½ x 6½

From the lengthwise grain of the paisley stripe, cut:

4 strips, 6 x 68

From the red print, cut:

7 strips, 2 x 42

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