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Novels by Julian Bound

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Novels by Julian Bound

Lunghezza: serie




'It's funny the people you meet in a lifetime. Looking back it wasn't so much how many crossed my path, more so it was what they had to say.'


With these opening lines a sheltered autistic man recounts his life spent working as a gardener in his hometown's park. Recalling those encountered he tells how they shared their problems with him, resulting in him offering them his own unique perspective on life and so touching the hearts of all he meets.


Unbeknown to them all, his wise insights for their woes arrive from the numerous jigsaw puzzles he and his mum complete together in the evening. Yet as tragedy strikes, it is he who must search for the missing piece within his own life puzzle.


From Julian Bound, author of 'The Geisha and The Monk' and 'Subway of Light' - 'A Gardener's Tale' - a heart-warming story exploring how one individual learns through trial and error to live within society, the concepts of life's eternal cycles, and most importantly the unparalleled bonds held between a mother and her son.


Because everyone searches for their missing piece…




Born in England, Julian is a documentary photographer, film maker and author. With photographic work featured on the BBC news, his photographs have been published in National Geographic, New Scientist and the international press. His work focuses on the social documentary of world culture, religion and traditions, with time spent studying meditation with the Buddhist monks of Tibet and Northern Thailand and spiritual teachers of India's Himalaya region.


Present for the Nepal earthquakes of 2015 he documented the disaster for eighteen months whilst working as an emergency deployment photographer for various NGO and international embassies in conjunction with the United Nations.


The author of novels 'The Geisha and the Monk', 'Subway of Light' and 'Life's Heart Eternal', when not on the road in Asia, Julian is based in the UK.

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