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Of Futures Past: Novels by Julian Bound, #5

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Of Futures Past: Novels by Julian Bound, #5

Lunghezza: 290 pagine4 ore



'Looking to her feet as white light faded around her, fine grained sands now replaced the carpeted flooring of New York gallery. No panic came to her on gazing out onto a view of calm seas where treasured artworks had stood only moments before. Listening to the gentle lap of waves she smiled out onto a distant horizon and then to the man beside her, his hand still held in hers."Isn't it beautiful," he said, his words as much statement as question.'

Following her death, a young New York art restorer finds herself on a beach accompanied by George, her spirit guide.

Explaining she now resides between lives George guides her to a cliff top library. Inside she finds a book containing all the past lives she has ever lived. Seated together she reads of her past lifetimes lived throughout the centuries.

Be it an artist's model of 16th century Renaissance Italy, a geisha of ancient Japan, or a Tibetan Buddhist monk living in the foothills of the Himalaya, each lifetime holds answers towards the progression of her soul, as seen in those she meets with through the years, be them friend or foe, or ultimately the soul mate she encounters throughout her many lifetimes.

Between uncovering the events of her previous lives, George explains the reasons for the situations that unfolded within her past, his explanations bringing forward an awareness of the characteristics unique to her own soul and of the trials she at times has been faced with.

From Julian Bound, the author of 'The Geisha and The Monk', 'Subway of Light' and 'Life's Heart Eternal', 'Of Futures Past' is a story of discovery, offering an insight into how our actions in one lifetime can effect moments in those to follow, shown with subtle teachings of love and compassion.

'A moment, a respite from what has been,
of what is to come…
And so, a new lifetime begins.'

Born in the UK, Julian Bound is a documentary photographer, film maker and author. Featured on the BBC news, National Geographic and in the international press, his work focuses on the social documentary of world culture, religion and traditions, spending time studying meditation with the Buddhist monks of Tibet and Northern Thailand and with spiritual teachers of India's Himalaya region.

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