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Mini Importation Made Easy

Mini Importation Made Easy

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Mini Importation Made Easy

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Jan 9, 2020


Mini Importation Made Easy is A step by step approach and guideline for Mini Importation Business with details of the online stores, basic tools requirement, the required procedures, the main Chinese website where quality and affordable products can be ordered for commercial purposes, the niche market to consider, how to source products with images on the Chinese online platform and all relevant information, links, Tips needed to succeed on your first attempt on importing goods and products from China either for fun, personal use or commercial purposes.

Jan 9, 2020

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Mini Importation Made Easy - Stanley Osigwe

Mini Importation Made Easy

By Stanley Osigwe

Copyright 2019 Stanley Osigwe

Smashwords Edition

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Different kinds of people that engage in importation business

Chapter Three: What is mini importation?

Chapter Four: Where can I import from

Chapter Five: Websites where you can import from

Chapter Six: Importing from



This book is dedicated to my lovely wife, my wonderful children, my GOD given families and to All who desire a good abundant life and are willing to take the necessary step to achieve it.



Importation can be a mystery topic for many as the term makes you feel like you require so much knowledge of international trade, letters of Credit, hotel accommodation, visa and so on. One of the things I will attempt to do in this book is to simplify this concept and show you an easy version of importation which you can participate in.

The internet has remain till date one of man's greatest invention if not the greatest, because of the Internet we can now relate with people in every corner of the world as if they are here with us. People in every corner of the world can exchange goods and services without needing to travel long distances or been physical present at the location.

Since the introduction of internet a lot of people have earned various form of incomes via the services which they provide to people all across the world on

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