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Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts: 12 Modern Quilt Patterns from Vintage Patchwork Quilt Designs

Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts: 12 Modern Quilt Patterns from Vintage Patchwork Quilt Designs

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Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts: 12 Modern Quilt Patterns from Vintage Patchwork Quilt Designs

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Jul 23, 2012


How to create “today’s heirloom” quilts using modern designs that echo the antique looks that inspired them—by the bestselling jelly roll experts.
Pam and Nicky Lintott bring you twelve new jelly roll quilt designs based on the best antique quilts from Pam’s stunning collection. Each clever quilt pattern uses just one jelly roll and has been designed to make the best use of your fabric while preserving the vintage style of each antique patchwork quilt.
· Clear, detailed, step-by-step instructions with full-color diagrams
· Beautiful photographs of both the antique quilt and the modern version
· Pam and Nicky’s jelly roll books have sold over 300,000 copies!
“The theme of the book is Pam’s antique quilt collection, showing these off and then making their own variations of these quilts from jelly rolls—the most useful of all precuts.” —PennyDog Patchwork
Jul 23, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Pam Lintott owns and runs The Quilt Room, one of Europe's largest specialist quilt shops. She was the compiling author of The Quilt Room: Patchwork and Quilting Workshops. Nicky Lintott is Pam's daughter and an excellent quilter in her own right.

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Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts - Pam Lintott



Over the past thirty years since opening The Quilt Room in Dorking we have accumulated a collection of antique quilts from both sides of the Atlantic and we love everything about them. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the quilts of bygone days, and having them on display in the shop has been a treat for staff and customers alike. A number of them are showing some wear and tear and their colours are a little faded but it does nothing to diminish their beauty – in fact it only enhances their appeal.

We have often considered using some of the patterns from these antique quilts to make modern-day versions and gradually the idea took hold. The fact that most of the quilts have a scrappy look to them made the use of a jelly roll perfect. But could we make these patterns from jelly rolls? You bet we could! We also have friends with gorgeous antique quilts and made the most of this when choosing patterns to make for this book.

Our antique quilts are all bed size and as we only wanted to use ‘just one jelly roll’ in each quilt we wondered how we would get around this. As it turned out it was a win-win situation as the array of different colours in each quilt comes from the jelly roll and the addition of extra background fabric allowed us to create bed size quilts, which we felt was important for our ‘today’s heirloom’ quilts.

The antique quilts were our inspiration and our modern-day quilts are as near as possible to the antique version, although we have allowed ourselves some artistic licence. Most of our antique quilts didn’t have labels so we cannot give the makers the credit due to them. We can only thank all those anonymous quilters of the past for the inspiration they have given us. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our selection of antique quilts and, more importantly, we hope you enjoy creating your very own heirloom quilts.

Getting Started

What is a Jelly Roll?

A jelly roll is a roll of forty fabrics cut in 2¹⁄2in wide strips across the width of the fabric. Moda introduced jelly rolls to showcase new fabric ranges. How inspirational to have one 2¹⁄2in wide strip of each new fabric wrapped up so deliciously! If you want to make any of the jelly roll quilts in this book and don’t have a jelly roll to use, then cut a 2¹⁄2in wide strip from forty fabrics in your stash and you can follow all the instructions in just the same way. Our patterns are based on a jelly roll strip being 42in long.

Imperial or Metric?

Jelly rolls from Moda are cut 2¹⁄2in wide and at The Quilt Room we have continued to cut our strip bundles 2¹⁄2in wide. When quilt making, it is impossible to mix metric and imperial measurements. It would be absurd to have a 2¹⁄2in strip and tell you to cut it 6cm to make a square! It wouldn’t be square and nothing would fit. This caused a dilemma when writing instructions for the quilts and a decision had to be made. All our instructions therefore are written in inches. To convert inches to centimetres, multiply the inch measurement by 2.54. For your convenience, any extra fabric you will need, given in the Requirements panel at the start of the quilt instructions, is given in both metric and imperial.

Seam Allowance

We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining an accurate scant ¹⁄4in seam allowance throughout. Please take the time to check your seams with the test in General Techniques.

Quilt Size

In this book we show what can be achieved with just one jelly roll. We have added background fabric and borders but the basis of each quilt is just one jelly roll. The size of our quilts is therefore restricted to this fact but there is nothing to stop you using more fabric and increasing the size of your quilt. The Vital Statistics in each chapter gives you all the information you need to enable you to do some simple calculations to make a larger quilt.

Scattered throughout the book there are features called Heirloom Quilt Ideas, giving suggestions on how you might alter the quilt designs. You would, however, need to amend the fabric requirements if changing the quilt layout.


Diagrams have been provided to assist you in making the quilts and these are normally beneath or beside the relevant stepped instruction. The direction in which fabric should be pressed is indicated by arrows on the diagrams. The reverse side of the fabric is shown in a lighter colour than the right side. Read all the instructions through before starting work on a quilt.

Washing Notes

It is important that pre-cut fabric is not washed before use. Save the washing until your quilt is complete and then make use of a colour catcher in the wash or possibly dry clean.

Specialist Tools Used

For cutting half-square triangles from strips we use the Multi-Size 45/90 and the Multi-Size 45/60 from Creative Grids, which have markings that refer to the finished size. If you are using a different ruler when cutting half-square and quarter-square triangles please make sure you are using the correct markings before cutting.

Sweet Sixteen

Antique Inspiration

The 1930s was a time of great economic upheaval, with the 1929 stock market crash in America heralding a decade of hard times called the Great Depression. This American quilt dates back to those times but is anything but depressing, with its bright colours and simple design. Quilters who couldn’t afford to buy new fabrics sought inspiration from magazines and created many inventive designs from fabric scraps, recycled clothing and feedsack materials. Block designs with small pieces, such as Bow Tie, Irish Chain and Drunkard’s Path became popular as they allowed quilters to ensure that even the smallest scraps of fabric were not wasted. Colour choices became lighter and brighter than the previously more sombre Colonial style.

This charming quilt has sixteen-patch blocks made up of sixteen small squares of different fabrics, alternating with light plain squares, and would have been a popular design to create from scrap

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