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Stunning Braids: Step-by-Step Guide to Gorgeous Statement Hairstyles

Stunning Braids: Step-by-Step Guide to Gorgeous Statement Hairstyles

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Stunning Braids: Step-by-Step Guide to Gorgeous Statement Hairstyles

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Sep 8, 2015



Nothing impresses like an intricate braid. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to fix up day-old hair, a chic look for a night out on the town or a dazzling do for your wedding day, the braid is the way to go. In this DIY guide, New York City celebrity hairstylist Monaé Everett presents easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos for creating beautiful looks. Up your skills as you master a range of braiding techniques for any hair type, including:
•Five-Braid Updo
•Diagonal Lace Braid
•Fancy Fauxhawk
•Fringe Lace Braid
•French Fishtail Pony
Sep 8, 2015

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Stunning Braids - Monae Everett

Text copyright © 2015 Monaé Everett. Design and concept copyright © 2015 Ulysses Press and its licensors. Photographs copyright © 2015 Laila Bahman. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication in whole or in part or dissemination of this edition by any means (including but not limited to photocopying, electronic devices, digital versions, and the Internet) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Published in the U.S. by

Ulysses Press

P.O. Box 3440

Berkeley, CA 94703

ISBN: 978-1-61243-474-2


Acquisitions editor: Keith Riegert

Managing editor: Claire Chun

Editor: Renee Rutledge

Proofreader: Lauren Harrison

Indexer: Sayre Van Young

Cover design: Noah Mercer

Photography: Laila Bahman

Interior design: what!design @

Models: Emma Sliwinski, Melonie Torres, Olesya Shayda, Tanisha Marshall, Difenni Shi, Ekaterina Vygolova

Styling assistants: Shekeelah Keys, Kisha Marie

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: This book is independently authored and published and no sponsorship or endorsement of this book by, and no affiliation with, any celebrities, trademarked brands or other products mentioned or pictured within is claimed or suggested. All trademarks that appear in directions, photographs, and elsewhere in this book belong to their respective owners and are used here for informational purposes only. The author and publisher encourage readers to patronize the quality brands and products mentioned and pictured in this book.



Chapter 1: Styling Equipment

Hair Brushes

Ties, Clips, and Pins


Straighteners and Dryers

Chapter 2: Braiding Preps

Quick and Easy Detangling

Large Romantic Curls

Textured Waves

Flat-Iron Curls

DIY Flat-Iron Curls

The Super-Smooth Solution

Soft Curls

Chapter 3: Basic Braids

Three-Strand Braid

Basic Fishtail

Knot Braid

Simple Braided Pony

Fringe Lace Braid

Twisting Techniques

Chapter 4: Advanced Braids

Five-Braid Updo

Dutch Braid


French Fishtail Pony

Braided French Fishtail Pony

French Fishtail Updo

The Triple Mermaid Updo

Draped Knot Braid

The Fairy Princess

Diagonal Lace Braid

Side Braid Pony

Half Crown Braid

An Elegant Twist

Rock-Out Style

The Queen Bee

Twisted Updo

Fancy Fauxhawk

The Knotted Updo

Vintage Wave Cheat


About the Author


Hello, beauties! My name is Monaé Everett and I’m your personal hair guide, here to help you navigate the beautiful world of braiding. Fishtails, Dutch braids, updos, curls, waves, sleek, and gorgeous: I’ve got you covered. For beginner or advanced braiders, Stunning Braids is the right book if you’re looking for a unique hairstyle that is guaranteed to turn heads and make an impression.

I absolutely adore braided hairstyles. I started braiding hair as a little girl, giving my baby dolls braided hairdos. Since then, I’ve become a professional celebrity hairstylist and a braiding teacher. My passion for braids knows no end; I’ve also created multiple braiding tutorials on YouTube.

What I love about braiding is that it can be as simple or complex as you make it. Because of this, the book is divided into two sections: basic braids and advanced braids. The basic braids keep it simple, introducing some looks that utilize some of my favorite standard braids like the Basic Fishtail and the Three-Strand Twist. The advanced braids take these braids to the next level by mixing and matching some of these different techniques. You’ll combine the French Braid and the Basic Fishtail, the Fringe Lace Braid and the Dutch Braid. Before you know it, you’ll be at professional status! There are braids for everyday wear, weekend hangouts, music festivals, work, proms, and weddings. Choose a style that fits your personality and get creative!

I’ve also included some introductory material with some of my must-have products and styling tools you’ll need to get started. As another bonus, I’ve also included some information on how to best prep different hair textures before styling. However, I encourage everyone to embrace their natural texture when it comes to these styles!

Let’s get started.


Chapter 1

Styling Equipment

Before we dive into our fabulous braiding styles, we need to talk about the tools you’ll need to get started. Throughout this book, I’ll reference different brushes, clips, products, and styling tools that tame those locks and make for effortless styling. The following pages have a breakdown of some of my favorites: from my trusty rat tail comb, perfect for sectioning and smoothing the hair, to my tourmaline ceramic flat iron, great for straightening and curling. I highly recommend you invest in a few of these basics, especially the equipment that fits the hair color and texture that you’re styling. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding these at your local beauty supply store or online. Happy shopping!


A. Styling brush: Great for heat styling and use with a blow-dryer. Provides maximum grip and control. The hard rubber will not burn.

B. Paddle brush with ball-tipped nylon bristles: A rectangle-shaped brush used to direct the hair. The nylon bristles increase blood circulation.

C. Grooming brush with natural bristles and nylon pins: An oval-shaped brush with each single nylon quill surrounded by a natural boar bristle. This is ideal for smoothing.

D. Mini styling brush: For use with a blow-dryer when focusing on smoothing the hair line.

E. Hard rubber rat tail comb: A heat-resistant comb that helps when using hot tools.

F. Wide-tooth comb:

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