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Bad Cop Psychopathy & Protective Politics: The Misuse of Force and Power

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Bad Cop Psychopathy & Protective Politics: The Misuse of Force and Power

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The goal of this book is to sharpen the light on police aggression and police brutality. The focus of it is on unscrupulous cops and the question: When do police aggression and brutality enter into the realm of police psychopathy?

For many years, there has been enormous tension in the American society between the police and some of its citizens. Thousands and thousands of examples demonstrate that the police too often have violated the civil rights of too many Americans. In the past, we viewed the atrocious acts of these cops as an aberration. With the advent of dash cams and the advancement of camera technology now on almost all of the cell phones of the millions of people who own them, we have come to recognize that these atrocities are not isolated incidents. In addition, YouTube is full of images that show just how gruesome some of these police beatings and killings are. Dare it to be said; today police brutality has progressed beyond vicious beatings to the murder of unarmed people.

Moreover, guns in the hands of a psychopath is bad for the entire society. That applies to an ordinary citizen or a cop. Leaders in police departments, in the mayor's office, on the city councils, in the State and Federal legislatures, and in Governors Offices can fix this problem. They must; however, have the courage and the conviction to make the necessary changes that eliminate police violence and gun access problems. When legislatures fail to act on these issues, their ideologies are incongruent with the majority of us.
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