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Men of Purpose: Vessels Prepared for the Master's use

Men of Purpose: Vessels Prepared for the Master's use

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Men of Purpose: Vessels Prepared for the Master's use

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Dec 2, 2019


Many people are searching for their purpose in life -- that ultimate reason why they were born. When children are born, often parents are not in the spiritual position to inform or guide them in finding their purpose. Although the children may growth and embrace whatever the societies offer or adapt to what impresses and appeals to them, in most cases, they may enter the adult age with having a clue. Purpose is a spiritual matter beyond points of assessment, estimation and observation! It is not a matter of predictability or approaching anyone with the question of where and how to connect to your puerpose in life. Purpose share the same intersection with destiny because the destination where the purpose must be fulfilled is as important as the purpose itself. Therefore, pupose and destiny share the same destination but first, there must be a connection. Because purpose is a hidden or secret will of God, we must understand that the search for our purpose starts with many missteps and sometimes, people will adjust to whatever is working for them without realizing they have not find their purpose. Men of Purpose offers what many Books around the world cannot expose because deeper revelation takes greater depths beyond research and experimentation or personal encouragement, motivation and fiction materials, etc. In this masterpiece Book, you will:

Find how to enter your purpose in God
The difference between purpose, a Testament of will and personal desires
Why purpose carries greater weight and takes priority over Testament of will and our desires
Why purpose is kept secret rather than written or made public
Important keys to aligning our lives in the purpose of God
And much more

Men of Purpose will show you why many people never touch the purpose of God for their lives, even when they have done and/or doing beautiful things or works in life. You will find the keys that will alter the DNA of your vision to go beyond and experience the life behind the glory realms and dimensions.

Dec 2, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill was ordained by the world-renowned servant of God, Rod Parsley, Pastor of World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio. Apostle John King Hill holds the following degrees: Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, Master's degree in Theology, Doctorate of Divinity, and PhD in Ministry from Canon Bible College and Seminary, Orlando, Florida, USA. Apostle John King Hill is the founder of World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades, Inc. Apostle John King Hill is the Host of the Power&Glory World television and radio broadcasts, and has appeared on many Christian Network Televisions around the world: WHT, WHNO 20, The Word Network, Oracle Television Network, The Miracle Channel, Sky Angel, TBN, The Church Channel, Impactv, BellTV, ShawDirect, TelusSatTV, SaskTel Max, TelusOptik TV, and several others. World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades, Inc. produces conferences and crusades dedicated to reaching the world with the Word by the power of the Spirit. The call upon this ministry is to reveal God to suffering humanity through the Word of God, and by radical demonstration of His glorious power, until people's heart-troubling questions and circumstances are laid to rest, and they find genuine confidence and good courage to overcome life's obstacles, difficulties, provocations, aggressions, challenges, confrontations, demons, and elements of God's creation.The goal of this ministry is to reach the world through providing education, leadership training, mentorship, media outreach programs, worldwide evangelistic conferences, and crusades; caring for the needy and less privileged; supporting other organizations of like faith; and showing an example of Christian life.

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Men of Purpose - John King Hill

© Copyright 2017—John King Hill

All rights reserved. This book is protected under the copyright laws. This book may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. The use of short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged. Permission will be granted upon re¬quest. Unless otherwise identified, Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version. All emphasis within Scriptures is the author’s own.

Please note that Harvesters Publishers™ publishing style capitalizes cer¬tain pronouns in Scripture that refer to the Father, Son, and Holy Spir¬it, and may differ from some Bible publishers’ styles. Take note that the name Satan and related names are not capitalized. We choose not to ac¬knowledge him, even to the point of violating grammatical rules.

Due to the revelatory content of this material and because of the author’s commitment to preserve the integrity and personal reading experience, editorial license was taken to maintain the spiritual and physical impact of the underlining subjects revealed in this book.



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Publishing the End-Times.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-4951-2699-4

For Worldwide Distribution, Printed in the U.S.A.

Table of Contents




Chapter One

Crowning the Believer with Glory

The Secret Keys of Rulership

The Face of the Future Weapons and Warfare

I Will Show Mercy and be Gracious to Whom I Will

Possessing and Controlling Elements for Epic Warfare

Creativity and Ideologies

Chapter 2

The Secret Place

The Immaterial World

Material and Immaterial Life

Chapter 3

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Chapter 4

Dominion and Unification

The Impacts of Life, Words and Works

Being Sealed Versus Being Consumed

Turning the World Upside-Down

Targeting Elements that Dominate and Rule

The Price of Moving in the Glory

When Purpose is at Stake

Chapter 5

Atmosphere of the Glory

Purpose and Death

Glory Defense and the Purpose of God

The Glory Defense and the Planetary Systems

The Judicial Power of the Righteous and Just

Eternal Order of Establishment

Diverted and Perverted Focus

Super-realistic or Hyper-reality


Living and moving and having our being in Him means living the fullness of life in Him, who is the Life. This is the fulfillment of the promise of abundant life (see John 10:10). And this fulfillment is the completion and satisfaction of the spiritual expectations in the lives of the new creations through Christ. It is meeting the hope of the restitution and restoration of all things to the Father according to the divine plan. This is the full certification based upon eternal spiritual authentication, approval and validation -- everything has met the Father’s requirement through Jesus Christ -- the Second Adam and the Son of God to be eternally restored. The likeness of God means that access to the Spirit person of God has been restored and accessibility to the realm of God has been fully opened to establish eternal order of true worship of the Living God in spirit and in truth.

Christ is the hope of glory or the restoration into the glory as the Second Adam and the Son of God, nevertheless, the full glory experience takes unprecedented spiritual preparations to effect the dynamic changes and transformation necessary to embrace the shift. The collaboration and corroboration between the Godhead and the redeemed is the catalyst to realizing the great promises of the works of salvation. The stages of implementation and appropriation of the works of salvation must lead to the eventual outcome of our true freedom and liberty! The individual must participate in confessional stages to fully experience total restoration.

In the atmosphere of the fullness of all things, there is no necessity for the rules of season and time, days, nights, weeks, months, years and seconds, minutes and hours that allows for progressive learning and training experiences. Therefore, in the glory there is expedited or acceleration of all things to undercut and undermine the need for the naturals laws that limit the flexibility of the great movement of God. The natural laws are part of management and accountability to hold us responsible for what has been entrusted to our care. They tell us when we must respond! The passing of time is to alert us that the windows are closing and the doors are about to shut. To bring the best out of us, we need time to pressure us into going the extra mile to achieve the unthinkable and unimaginable.

The intensity and audacity that it takes to challenge any law is often more than voicing our opinions, protesting, contesting, and proclaiming confessional statements. The risks involved takes us beyond the minimal efforts that some people invest to achieve extraordinary goals in life. The pressure of life is to drive us to recognize the urgency to embrace the purpose of life or we will miss our destiny. To speed up to our destinations means that we understand the connection between purpose and destiny to quickly adopt all spiritual contingencies.

Having gone through Men of Purpose, I must attest that it is irreplaceable! It’s a book for grown-ups and those searching for the hidden truth about the order of life. I have come across many books that talked about purpose and destiny, but in this book, you will find troves of heavenly treasures that will open the realm of God over your life. The work put into Men of Purpose is more than anyone can quantify. It’s a spiritual masterpiece designed to uplift and usher us into the dimensions of the glory. The truth outlined in this book is enormous! As you dive into the depths of the revelation, I encourage you open your life to travel beyond the bounds of religious familiarity and customs that often beset our spiritual sensitivity to embrace God given revelation.

Prophetess (Dr.) Evette Young

Author of Spiritual Warfare Strategies.


There is a life span that is made to expire; however, to live in the fullness of life, you need the Life. We reproduce according to the same kind, but all things came from the Creator, who is the Life or the epitome of Life. To understand how the order of life is maintained, life must be traced to the Life to establish the origin of all existence. There is nothing like being in a strange place and not knowing and understanding why you are there. The true history of life is not a matter of research and experimentation or discovery because there are things that are hidden from everyone.

Failing in life is not when we lack material achievements or higher accomplishments, but failing to bring our lives to a place of divine order and purpose. Part of spiritual rest is to confirm that our positions and places in life are divinely approved, validated, and certified. Often, agitation and frustration is a result of confusion, distraction, and uncertainty. The discontentment and dissatisfaction in people’s lives are in many cases warning alerts to indicate that there are some things missing, but people are lacking the diagnostic tools to look deeply into their lives to connect the hidden spiritual dots. Life is not a freeway where people can drive to wherever the road takes them. Purpose and destiny interlock because one is the map and the other holds an important secret message. Just as the mail-delivering companies cannot deliver to wrong addresses, life cannot thrive or see greater success or eternal establishment in a wrong destination.

Everything would be thrown into disorder and chaos by interfering with the established order of life. Although life is not a routine because of the daily events or activities, establishment only comes when life finds the permanent base or location. A paradigm shift reprograms already internalized conceptual ideas or formally known routines of operations. The only way we understand how to do things does not mean that there are not many other ways. In fact, there may be many other higher and more efficient methods.

For life to work in the fullness, life must connect with the purpose and destiny. Fullness of potential cannot be realized or invested where there is no defined purpose because it would be contributing to waste. Preservation is part of saving life just like a battery pack so that the lifespan would not expire prematurely before the purpose of life is attained. Reaching the end of life without knowing the purpose of life incurs eternal regret because it carries over the discontentment and dissatisfaction.

Many believers see the Bible as all that there is for the Christian walk. They see everything written in bold letters when they read the written will. The big challenge, however, is that kingdoms do not always publish their secret purposes. In most cases, they are kept hidden away from the general public and only shared among those who hold positions of authority and power in the governmental structure. A kingdom is not managed like a personal life. Kingdoms do not change for the people, but rather enact laws or issue decrees that impact the lives of the people. A purpose-driven life has not many options; therefore, people often mistake leadership for rulership or the reverse. Rulership is a stricter governmental life, and it is why the sacrifice is greater and the reward is not a matter of personal achievement and honor. Many people of God never understand purpose because they often misplace the written will with the secret will of God. They misplace inspiration with revelation, and they do not see the difference between the word of God and the voice of the LORD GOD! They never see the separation of the written will and the connection between purpose and destiny. They envision practicing the art of Christianity through volumes of religious engagements as serving the LORD.

Serving the LORD GOD takes more than religious routines – it calls for sacrificing our lives wholly to worship God, and in that worship is a different order of assignment to obey God’s voice or order of His decrees and carry out His commands or do His judgments. Our lives are no longer in our own hands because we now belong to the Kingdom, and God has full ownership and control of our lives for His purpose. We are detained and retained by Him as our lives enters His life. We cannot keep our lives and serve the purpose of God. Offering our lives is a waiver to lose it for the Kingdom to prioritizes God’s purposes above our interests and goals. Entering the rulership of the Kingdom of Heaven means going beyond surrendering our lives to the outpouring of the Spirit to doing the will of God with the release of the anointing. With the anointing, we can easily pick up our will at any season and time. However, entering the life of purpose is becoming the property of the state; we lose our lives by giving up the control. Whatever new life we are given is tied up to that one thing and not many other things. We live and die for purpose, and it

is the reason it is called the purpose. Finding the purpose of God takes us beyond this life to embrace the fullness of the life of God, so we cannot demand for our lives back because it is wholly sacrificed to God. Serving the purpose of a Kingdom is the secret

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