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The Christ, Born In The U.S.Today

The Christ, Born In The U.S.Today

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The Christ, Born In The U.S.Today

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Dec 20, 2019


Get in the Christmas spirit with this modern-day version of the birth and life of Jesus the Christ born 20 years ago instead of 2000 years past. We have something innovative here. Not just the story, but having songs to enjoy while reading. There's 30 +/- YouTube song links to classic rock songs that go well with the section of story where the links are located. They really help set the mood of the story line. We begin prior to the beginning. Satan gets the boot and takes a posse of angels with him. He’s urinated, of course and plans on defeating God to take His throne. After God does some creating, we fast forward to the 1990s where Mary meets Joseph in grade school. It’s a storybook romance for these two virgins until she mysteriously gets pregnant. There are three young amateur astronomers following a star from the Mid-East. They inadvertently cross paths with some powerful proponents of n.w.o who had a spine tingling vision of their own. They want the competition dead, no matter how many children they have to kill to get the future King of Kings. As an adult, Jesus now has two sets of enemies. The globalists and the Sanhedrin. These Jewish leaders also don’t want their good thing ruined by some miracle man who makes monkeys out of them at every turn. Christianity doesn’t exist and these Jews have major league clout with the Government, which is loaded with Muslims. Social media makes Jesus both famous and notorious right quick like. People want to be healed. They also want someone who will stop their treacherous government. Although Jesus uses 60’s-90’s slang to deliver His crystal clear messages with modernized parables and preaching, the people hear only, No! I will not be your king on earth. Conditions heat up, snowflakes melt. Jesus has quite the time meeting with crowds of nearly 100,000 per gig without being killed. Eventually, there’s gonna be a showdown and it ain’t gonna be pretty. There is a nasty detail about crucifixions you may not know about. It explains why they sometimes broke the victims legs up on a cross. I learned this one on the History channel. People tell me when I write stories they can envision what is taking place as if they are there. This scene won’t disappoint. Consider this fair warning to both young folks and those who may get offended by reading this work of literature. If words such as, snowflake, progressive, nwo, two genders, dumb-ass offend you, go take your thumb out of your mouth and get a job, cause people are gonna learn from this story how God and freedom loving Americans deal with you globalist pawns. This book is based on actual people. But they’ve all been dead for over 2000 years, so I’m not going to lose sleep over a lawsuit from any one of them. But, cereally, this book is highly controversial. A gaggle of people who think they are going to Heaven aren’t going to be happy when they learn some TV or hometown preacher they’ve been giving money to has been shooting sunshine up their posteriors. Jesus tell it like it is. People always wanna take it out on the messenger. They won’t be alone. Socialists, Muslims, telemarketers, used car salesmen, Jehovah’s and my uncle Guido. He’s about the only one who actually worries me. Okay. Kidding aside. There are two ways to enjoy this book. The first is to just read it and enjoy a cool story. If that’s why you’re here, you made the right choice. The other is to read commentary # one and understand the political and religious ramifications of today’s society and why we need what Jesus has to offer. Everything Jesus says in the four gospel books has been translated into today’s English. Listen to Pink Floyd's, The Wall, Us and Them, and The Dark Side of the Moon to set the tone for the commentary. Each chapter has at least one classic rock song, as well. Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, Cream, BTO, Alice Cooper, Donny Osmond, Motley Crue, and more to enhance the action. Enjoy!

Dec 20, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Brian Moses wanted to be a rock and roll star, but when that didn't pan out, he became the next best thing: a teacher.  Brian writes and edits picture books and poetry for children.  With more than 160 books published, he performs in schools across England.  He lives with his wife, Anne, and has two daughters, Karen and Linette.

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The Christ, Born In The U.S.Today - Brian Moses

The Christ,

Born In The U.S.Today

Copyright 2019 Brian Moses

Published by Brian Moses

This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be resold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please visit your favorite (e-) Book retailer to purchase your own copy.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

The Author

Do It buy The Book

I gotta get outta this place,

If it's the last thing I ever do,

Help me get my writing career started

so I can get my independance back,

off the Gov dole,

and get out of this facility

by purchasing a copy of my book.

You'll be doing something of value

and getting something nice back in the bargain.

This novel isn't something someone

just threw together to make a buck.

I spent three and a half years

researching and writing this novel.

Plus another year and a half

patiently editing and revising

while I was itching to publish.

I tend to be over-critical of myself

yet I actually think this is a good book

that would make a fabulous movie.

It's a big book at over 119,000 words.

Anything over 110,000 is considered an epic book.

The subject matter is epic, too.

So, I guess that makes it an epic epic book.

Or, an epic book of epic proportions.

Please excuse any oddities you may see. Preparing a book to look correctly in novel or E-book form is surprisingly difficult and an entirely different animal from writing. This E-book format in particular caught me off guard. The book doesn't want to come out on the little screen the way it does on the writers manuscript. I wish I had studied this during times I had nothing in me to write. Most writers hire professional editors and computer geeks to format their book, which is an expense I cannot afford. For me it is trial, error and pulling hair. This is my 40th or so attempt of fiddlin and uploading. Slowly, the look gets better and better. Patience truly is a virtue. That said, as you will see, the story is compelling, and the kid can write. I'll have you crying one day, laughing the next night, and bitng your nails when the timing is right.

I’m starting a series of children’s books. I have 12 of em written so far. Only the artwork remains for them to be publish ready. . They're called Goober's gang books and you can learn about me and what they're about by looking for them on their word-press site. From the alphabet and a phonics reading set using the formula I once taught a 6 yo to read at the third grade level in three months, to picture storybooks. The story books teach children about values. Two of them introduce kids about 8 and up to math and science through fun projects. one book features the kids and their dads getting together to build model rockets one day and launching them. I make mention of them doing this after having brakfast and going to church. I later mention the gang going for waffle cones the following week after church. That's the last book I wrote so far and from there I intend to ease into Christian values. I hope to build an audience first, giving children and their parents time to fall in love with the characters. This way, when I slowly introduce Christianity, perhaps non-Christians will continue buying & reading them. Perhaps under pressure from the kids. My goal with this tactic is for people to become Christians. Anyway. The site is easy enough to find. Maybe you know an artist? Let me know at Goober's gang books-Brian Moses

If you do enjoy this book, which I sure hope you do, please take the time to search for it on both the smashwords website and Amazon's website, and give it a nice review. This will raise the book's rankings in these distributor's catolog's with their ratailers, increasing the chances of being seen by people looking for books to read. Doing this is actually more helpful than the purchase itself.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 -You Can Go To Hell

Chapter 2 -Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

Chapter 3 -To Look For America

Chapter 4 -Just One Look

Chapter 5 -They Call it Puppy Love

Chapter 6 -School’s Out Forever

Chapter 7 -Shining Star

Chapter 8 -Ooh, Ooh That Smell

Chapter 9 -Fine, Fine Day

Chapter 10-Strange Brew

Chapter 11-Changes

Chapter 12-Take Me To The River

Chapter 13-You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet

Chapter 14-Believe In Miracles

Chapter 15-John’s Fate

Chapter 16-Train Kept A Rollin

Chapter 17-California Dreamin

Chapter 18-Homeward Bound

Chapter 19-Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Chapter 20-We Want The World

Chapter 21-Home Sweet Home

Commentary-Section 1

Commentary-Section 2


Born In The U.S.Today

Hi. I hope you enjoy this modern-day version of the birth and life of Jesus the Christ if He hadn’t come 2,000 years ago, but instead comes today. There are about 30 classic rock songs that go with the title of each chapter in this E-Book version. Simply click the link and listen while you read. The songs are on YouTube. Some of the songs would need a few words changed to say the message properly, but they still set the tone. A few of the songs are perfect as they're. If you’re not fond of a particular song, just turn it off. You may want to click, skip ad after the 5 seconds to avoid a long delay. Now knowing this, if you haven’t yet clicked on the link above, you’ve probably guessed it’s Bruce Springsteen's, Born in the USA.

If you stumbled on this book in your search for a fun book with some interesting twists and turns, you found it. Jesus is (and was, for that matter) a cool dude and this account of his parents and the village they grow up in is touching. Everything is modern, borderline futuristic and plausible.

You will find everything Jesus said in the four Gospel books to be written not only accurately here, but in easy to understand modern English. His words are translated from the stiff 16th century Kings English into a relaxed tone with some 60’s-90’s slang.

This book was painstakingly written so that it can be read with two mindsets. It can standalone as a highly entertaining novel. Or, it can be read with the commentaries as a serious warning about where we are heading as a society on the highway to hell. I wrote two sections of commentary. As you read the book, you'll notice there are eleven asterisks. * in commentary number two. Each has a number associated with it at the end of the sentence or paragraph. If you go to commentary-section two you'll find the corresponding comment. For example. One of the parables Jesus offers is the Good Samaritan. I’m sure we are all familiar with the parable. Few people were taught the details which make this parable so incredibly powerful. The parable is not the simple, good neighbor story as we were taught in Sunday school. There is history behind the hatred between those people and more importantly, there’s a big reason why the Priest and Levite walked on the other side of the road instead of right past the dying man. It had to do with the man’s shadow. The parable is also symbolic. For instance, the road is the road of life and the parable is meant to demonstrate the shortcoming of the Mosaic law compared to the new covenant with Jesus. Okay, no more spoilers. Just know there’s compelling information you may enjoy learning when you see one of * these.

Commentary-Section one contains heavy duty information. I planned for it to be the introduction, but last minute I placed it in the back for a reason. I suspect most folks who find the title interesting enough purchase or at least look at the preview, did so because you're looking for an entertaining book about what it might be like if Jesus came to us today instead of when He did. You came to the right place. I promise you won't be disappointed. This book will, indeed, entertain in more ways than one. I felt that If I placed this commentary in the front, you would be reading it now and possibly get the wrong idea about the contents of the book itself.

That commentary throws down the gloves on the political and spiritual aspects our society is experiencing and how shockingly similar today, in the USA is to Israel’s society under Roman occupation when Jesus came. The pressures both government and citizen felt played a big role in the people’s desire to murder Jesus. The commentary reveals why they murdered Him then and why we would most likely do the same.

To compile the book with the commentary in front as the introduction would be misleading to you while taking a sneak peak. That commentary throws down the gloves on the political and spiritual aspects of how the things our society is experiencing is shockingly similar to Israels society when Jesus came. The pressures both government and citizen felt played a big role in people’s desire to murder Jesus. The commentary reveals why they murdered Him then and why we would most likely do the same.

If you're someone who would appreciate this information, such as globalism, and the influence it’s proponents have on our society and religion, it is there. If you read it before reading the novel, it will give an entirely new meaning to the same story line.

I placed links to three Pink Floyd songs there. The wall, Dark Side of the Moon, and Us and Them. They go perfect with the intro commentary. I wish there was a link to the entire album. Yes, I cereally did just say album.

Unfortunately, I expect this book will create a great deal of controversy with some Christians, atheists, and socialists alike because of the accurate translation and commentary. Well, only some Christians will struggle with the accuracy. However, if we hope to go to Heaven, isn’t it best to take a closer look? Remember. Many are called, but only a few will be chosen. Could it be that only a small percentage of those who think they are saved really are? Are you sure you are? Those of us who have no doubts are the ones in trouble. The Pharisees were positive they were right with God but guess what!?!

Socialists and atheists will most likely invent reasons to be offended. Being offended seems to be their trademark, and this book offers lots of fuel if read in that light. If the terms or words NWO, globalist, progressive, or snowflake, for examples, offend you, perhaps you best move on. Maybe take a nap or give yourself a hug while admiring your participation trophy.

Other readers may find examples of how people effectively fight the evil these offended pawns so foolishly create. Therefore, I take a deep breath as I publish.

For everyone else, the story alone is not dependent on this information. I wrote it to work well both ways. I built some fun story leading up to our Saviors birth for your entertainment, as well as a nasty detail I saw about crucifixions, on the History Channel, which explains why they broke the two criminals legs to accelerate their deaths. I suggest you take a deep breath during certain parts and remind yourself, It’s only a story. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

You Can Go To Hell

This song is perfect for this chapter and when a movie is

made from the book, It'll be the chapter theme song.

In the beginning was the Word, And the Word was with God, And the Word was God." John 1:1

One day, God decides it's time to give His angels a chance to show Him if they genuinely love Him or if their hearts are against Him. So, for a short while, God gives all of His angels free-will. God summons His number one general, who He named Lucifer.

Lucifer, God says, I told you a long time ago, I would give all of you free-will one day. Well, My trusted friend and first in command, today is the day. Go speak with every angel. Find out how they truly feel about me, and what they think about serving me, here, in Paradise.

Of course, your Majesty, replies Lucifer, I'm happy to do as you desire.

So, Lucifer, with his new-found free-will, does what the Almighty asks him to do. He speaks with his companions. The conversations, however, are nothing like one might expect. Lucifer, as we learn, proves himself to be a disgraceful individual. He decides to use this opportunity to turn his colleagues against God. Pulling-off such a task would require an eloquent speaker and calculating liar. Only someone with the character of a diseased sewer-rat would even try. And, here we are. Somehow this smooth-talking douche nozzle does manage to persuade a number of his associates to betray God and follow him. He convinces his cronies they'll enjoy rabble-rousing with him more than serving God. Some if his collaborators are easy sells. Others aren’t persuaded quite so easily. But, Lucifer is devious & cunning. Despite his lack of experience, he sways one-third of his confederate angels to abandon the Almighty.

God always knew Lucifer and a number of His angles would betray Him. In fact, He banked on this event happening and has a purpose for these fallen angels and their deplorable leader. Without realizing, they are about to help God carry out His perfect plan. God's intention is to use free will and the lure of sin to bring out the good & evil in all He is about to create in His own image. Everyone He creates, through their own choice, can now either embrace evil, as Lucifer did, or love God and the joy only He can provide, despite the appeal of evil. This will prove which hearts comprise gold and whose are merely worthless dross, fit to be destroyed in the unquenchable fire.

Again, God summons Lucifer to experience something he has never heard before.

This time, God speaks at Lucifer with righteous anger in His voice,

You live here in Paradise and you turn against me? You’ve enjoyed living in the same palace as do I. You enjoy the same delicacies as I eat. I seldom give you tasks. The tasks I do give you are easy and even enjoyable. Yet, you turn on me? God says to his most blessed angel, I created you here in My kingdom. I Give all of you, and especially you, Lucifer, everything you could possibly want. In fact, I spoil you! And This is how you thank Me? I made you my chief cornerstone, for cryin out loud. You’ve never once experienced any type of pain or suffering. Okay. If that’s what it takes, fine! Soon you'll feel pain and you’re gonna suffer… like you won’t believe! I'll allow you to keep the power I gave you from the beginning of your existence for a time. An insignificant time! Then, I will take all your power away, and then you’ll find out what it means to experience pain and suffering for real. You know what? I can’t stand the sight of you anymore. Be gone!

Within a flicker of time, Lucifer and the third of God’s angels who chose to embrace Lucifer devolve into a thick, dark-green, gooey, mist. This mist bears a distinct, terrifying, yet somehow seductive bouquet. This aroma is something unknown until this moment. It’s the scent of living death.

Downward they drift, descending far from God’s presence until they reach the place God prepared for them in the beginning. A place called Hades. Hades is a cold, dark, and miserable place. People think fire is the Devil’s friend, but the opposite is true. Fire is cleansing. Fire purifies.

In total darkness, there are voices.

Why have you summoned us, Lucifer, asks Damien, his new first general.

Yes, what is your desire? his second general, Hoor asks.

It's so cold here, exclaims Baal, his third general.

Yes. Yes, it is cold, my generals. It’s blustery cold, replies Lucifer-Lord-of-Darkness, in an eerie tenor voice from a throne carved of stone. "And, we best get used to this cold my generals. We can no longer be in the warm fiery presence of the Light of Truth. That fire purifies gold by burning the dross to nothing. Only the purest of gold remains. As of now… we are nothing but dross. Can you feel the vast void inside you? The next time we go into Truth’s Light, it will burn us to nothingness. We will have no power. We will experience no pleasure. There will be only emptiness, torment and complete misery for us. We will be worse off than others in the eternal fire."

Worse than the rest of the fallen angels? asks Damien.

No, not them. We will discuss this in just a second, Lucifer replies.

Lucifer hands each of them a large, heavy stein fashioned from stone. The liquid’s temperature equals their surroundings at absolute zero. Yet, somehow, something resembling steam or smoke rises from these drinking utensils. The contents are anyone’s guess. Perhaps Grog would be the best word to describe. Then again, maybe not. Each of them holds their concoction of drink waist high, with elbows bent. As they stand in a square formation, their steins almost touch in the middle of where they stand.

Lucifer takes a moment to look each of them deep in their eyes and says, First, we vow that It's better for us to rule in this wretched place than to serve God in paradise. Are we in agreement?

In Unison with their new masters nod his generals swear, "We are. Sieg Heil," they pledge while pushing their steins together. Raising them to drink, their contract is consummated. Whatever was inside now drips down to their chins. The liquid is thick & dark red. They each lick their lips, wipe their faces with their fingers, and lick them clean before placing their steins on a stone table.

Excellent, replies Lucifer-The-Fountain-of-Evil, in his creepy tone as he repeatedly taps the fingers and thumb of one hand to those on the other, Now we can discuss matters. Because we're imprisoned in this detestable Hellhole of a place.... Hellhole. Hmm. Hell. Something about this word seems appropriate. Let’s call this God forsaken dungeon… Hell. Where was I? Oh yes. We're stuck in this hell of a place. But don't you worry.… I've got an angle, continues Lucifer, "A scheme to overthrow God one day and douse that deadly fire. My plan involves… Man."

Each of them bewildered, Damien is the first to ask their new master. "Man? This word is unknown to me?"

"Yes, what is this Man of which you speak?" inquires Hoor.

I am curious too, my lord, asks Baal, "What, or who is Man?"

Lucifer lowers his head and looks at the cold, hard ground. While slowly wagging his head, he tells them, "God once told me when the time is right, He will hatch what He calls Man. God told me this Man will be created in His own image. His own image!" And since this Man is in His image, he'll one day be above us, Lucifer screams, and even judge us! Can you believe this-?"

His three generals each drown out his last word when they let out a deep-pitched groan.

Indeed, says Lucifer. "We've been with God all this time, and He intends to create this Man-beast and also what he calls Woman."

"Wo… Man? asks Damien, This word is also strange to me?"

I don't know for sure, replies Lucifer. "From what God said, someone to keep man company. With our luck, they’ll get together and spawn more of these little bastards. The point is, one day they'll rule over us… US! This is precisely why, when God gave us free-will for a season, I knew it was our only opportunity to book before He took our free-will away."

All three of his generals look perplexed, pondering the other fallen angels and how they'll react to this unsettling news. Lucifer, promptly sensing their angst, assures them, No need for apprehension, my steadfast generals. I wouldn’t have persuaded you to endorse me if I didn’t have a fool-proof game-plan.

Their faces turn from bothered to big-eyed because they know their leader is intelligent, cunning, and highly persuasive. What they don’t know, and are about to learn is, just how much of an insidious snake-in-the-grass their new master can be.

Announce my bidding to all, my honchos, continues Lucifer-Wellspring-Of-Lies, I want us all to learn every single word God utters. Without regard to being past, present, or future, I want everyone to memorize every syllable.

Is this even possible? Can your desire be fulfilled? asks Hoor, with the other two nodding in the agreement of his doubt.

We can, assures Lucifer, "and we will! Yes, it will require time, for sure… but we have the whole era. Such a great deal of time. In fact, we have nothing but time. What else we gonna do down here? And once we know God's every word, inside and out, backward as well as forward, we'll learn to twist its meaning ju-"

Why do that? Baal interrupts.

Deception, Baal, deception, replies Lucifer- Lord-of-Damnation, We’ll learn the art of duplicity. We’ll focus on this trickery. Tell them all to study the techniques of deceit as a science until we’re all champions of the craft.

Okay, my lord, says Hoor, But why? What good will lying do?

Yes, Adds Baal, I, too, am perplexed. How will hypocrisy aid us?

Lucifer smiles and answers, By double-crossing man, we'll cause him to sin and when he does, we can fleece him of his soul. Yes! First, we finagle man into sinning. And we’ll accomplish this through his companion, woman. She will be more accessible because God will make her from only a rib of this man. Therefore, she will be slightly defenseless… but that’s all we require! If we find her soft-spot and maneuver her to fall from grace, she will seduce her mate into sinning, too. Yes! Once she deviates, she will dread being alone in her diminished state. She surely will want her man to plummet to her side. So she will most definitely sweet-talk and coax this man into thinking disobeying God will be the wise thing to do.

Then Heaven will be ours? the three generals ask in unison, with a hopeful tone.

No way in hell, Lucifer chuckles over his wit.

Then why do this? asks Damien.

Lucifer smiles and tells them, Because it will be a good start. Yes, a damned good start, as he again beams over his play on words.

"We’ll twist the truth to deceive these simple-minded creatures into turning their hearts from God. A mere whisper in their ear now and again, and they’ll do as we desire. They’ll think they are hearing God’s voice. Yes! We’ll convince them the evil they contemplate is pleasing to God and therefore beneficial to them. But the only ones who’ll be pleased by their thoughts will be us. Their deeds will benefit us only, and greatly. Yes! We’ll deceive men into performing unthinkable acts through our manipulation. They’ll think and do things which should disgust them. Through their own evil, they’ll become distanced from God. Exactly as our sin has disjointed us and God. Yes! We’ll have them thinking and doing the most loathsome things. We’ll cause them to become envious, prideful, deceitful and finally... Murderous. And the best part is yet to come", laughs Lucifer, forger-of-fools.

Do tell, begs Damien

Yes, don’t leave us hangin, says Baal, with reddish drool flowing down the corner of his mouth.

Once they’ve sufficiently isolated themselves from God, Lucifer tells them, we’ll accuse each one’s conscience of these atrocious thoughts and deeds. Yes! After that, we’ll evoke their vanity. We con them into thinking it's not their fault. They’ll want to believe it isn’t their burden. Which brings us to the best part, laughs Lucifer. He had just taken a drink of his grog and some went down the wrong pipe.

Coughing as he laughs, Damien jokingly tells him, Ya don’t supposed to inhale your grog, sultan."

Lucifer looks at him with such a look with his eyes bugging out. Damien shudders a bit. To this, Lucifer hits Damien lightly on the shoulder with his stein of grog and again laughs, before continuing, "We can then convince them it's God Himself who generates their evil. Yes! Then they’ll attribute their own evil minds to God and hate Him completely, for sure. Excessively prideful they’ll become and their egos will cause them to think they surmount God. Their contempt for God will provoke their hearts to burn with desire. They’ll crave to do as they please instead of as He wills. Yes, we’ll hoodwink them into thinking this. Yes! And when they do, they'll commit the ultimate murder. They will murder God in their hearts. Once they do this, they'll thirst to be God. Yes! Their pleasure will be to rule their own destiny’s. From there, the outcome of others’ lives, for the other’s own good, of course."

"Their children will become soft from coddling by the parents. This bids fearing bloodshed of any kind. It will be the same for feelings, which concludes in offense over the slightest words. Like a snowflake, they’ll melt when discussion heats. Heat brings the fire of constant strife with each other. There will be hostility of minds causing fights, and then combat with the consequence of monumental war as the zenith. Eventually, they'll tire of conflict. While longing for peace, they won’t think to turn to God because their minds have no room for Him. Yes! Men will be twisted like us, so they'll have no option other than turning to us. We will delude them into thinking we want to give them peace. They will beg us. Fools! Yes! We will tell them, if they want peace, and they'll want peace, that we'll deliver if they bow to us, and bow to us they will. They will have no alternative but to obey. Suckers! We will own them. They will be our slaves! Then, Yes! When we’ve done this, Yes," gloats The-lord-of-darkness, we can and we'll conquer God the Almighty! We will take His kingdom and exile Him here, just as He did to us. Yes! We will steal His place and revenge will be ours. Yes. This is exactly how we'll conduct business, and it will work… magnificently! Screams Lucifer-Prince-of-the-Earth, before laughing softly while stroking his goatee.

These human’s lives will be short once we corral them into transgression. But one generation after another, they'll keep coming. We will have time to gain experience with the art of deception, while they… won’t. Long before they are around enough to catch on, the result of their wickedness will have killed them. Then a new batch of fools will take their places. We will possess the ability to be slick & shrewd, calculating & underhanded, while they… don't! Another skill we must hone is subtlety. Yes, subtlety will be the key. For with nuance, these simpletons won’t notice that we are leading them by their nose rings to their own termination. Slowly, in small increments, these naïve pawns will become exactly like us, and they won’t even perceive it. Not if we handle them gingerly, they won’t. If we are breezy with each one and inspire their pride, they'll be putty in the artists hands. We must start on them when they are young. Get them away from their parents at every opportunity. Do that and they can be indoctrinated into thinking good is evil and wickedness is virtuous. They will think they are upright, admirable, and even progressive while doing things that shame even their own grandfathers. This will take time, but we have lots of it. Even now, before God creates man, we've got time. I tell you this fact. Time is on our side… yes, it is.

Some angels share Lucifer’s rage toward God. The thought of serving God’s coming attraction makes them livid. Others, however, realize Lucifer, who they now call Satan-Prince-of-Deception has duped them. They know Satan has lied to get them to do something they now regret. They also think it's too late to correct the situation. They turned their backs to God, and there's no rebound. Satan deceived them into believing this, too. They’ve got no choice, they presume, but to follow Satan or they'll surely perish in the fiery lake. If they are to have any chance of beating God and the wise angels with Him, they must be zealous. They expect this will be a war of many battles before the final outcome. Fear compels them to prepare meticulously for every last one of these spiritual campaigns.

Each of them trains vigorously to grasp each one of God’s words thoroughly. Then they learn to somewhat change what God says. Just enough to alter its meaning without being noticed by the unskilled ear. While doing this, they encourage their new-found hatred for God to grow and burn inside them. They allow, nay spur, this hatred to strengthen while galvanizing what was once their hearts until they’ve completely abandoned any sense of decency & compassion.

God’s predestined time to begin His plan has come. On the first day, through Jesus, His living Word,* God creates Heaven and earth. And the earth is formless and without life. Darkness covers the surface of the watery depths. And the Spirit of God moves upon the face of the water.

On the second day, God says, Let there be light, and, Bam, there is light.

To this God says, This is good.

In fact, it’s better than just good.

It’s Wicked Cool, man!

God continues to create wonderful things until on the sixth day, God creates man in His own image. Yes, in the image of God is man created by Him. God created male and then female and blessed them. God says to them, Be fruitful and multiply. Replenish the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fowl in the air and the fish in the sea and over every living thing that moves on the planet. Gen 1:28

God deems everything He made to be boss.

Through Satan, God has shown that without experiencing the pain and suffering resulting from sin, one cannot appreciate God’s perfection. If God created man in Heaven, he would do exactly as the fallen angels did. Man must experience heartache to the point of hating his own sin to truly love God's Kingdom and appreciate His perfect decree. Those who live wonderful lives on earth have no hope. Satan, as we've seen, proved this to be true. Satan takes pleasure in convincing people the opposite is accurate. He has people duped into thinking a prosperous person is blessed, while those with miserable lives deserve it. It takes only one abused child, who is undeniably innocent, to prove this logic is not only faulty, but deadly.

(See *1 in commentary)

Satan easily accomplished what he desired with the first two people God created. He deceived Eve into thinking God was being a big meanie by forbidding one little item out of all the wonderful bounty He gave her and Adam to enjoy. Satan convinced her she would prosper by following his advice, telling her she would become equal to God if she ate from the tree of knowledge. After she ate from the tree, just as Satan predicted, it scared her. Alone in her fallen state, she wasted no time convincing Adam to join her by doing the same.

With sin now in the picture, God begins making provisions to save us from the mess we created for ourselves. It is accurate to say 'we', because everyone of us would have done the same thing Eve & Adam did if we were the first God created.

God handed mankind a set of strict rules through His prophet, Moses. Following these rules to the letter is essential to meet the requirements necessary to be in God's presence. While God is giving mankind ample time to learn that no one can be perfect, He sets the groundwork for His plan of salvation by sending the prophet Elijah. Elijah is one of the select few people who has the Holy Spirit inside him prior to God sending his Heavenly mediator. Elijah will play a big roll in God's plan.

When Elijah finishes what God planned for him to do on earth, God took him to heaven without dying. Filled with God's Holy Spirit, Elijah went to Heaven in a whirlwind, as the ancient scriptures testify. These scriptures make a point of revealing this fact because it is very significant.

Chapter 2

Lonely Days Lonely Nights

Somewhere around 1995AD

With a few words changed in the lyrics, this song would be perfect for this chapter

and when a movie is made from the book, it will be the chapter theme song.

David Schumacher is a successful businessman in Manhattan. Being vice president in the engineering department of a major automobile manufacturer, he provides the means for him, his wife Rachael, and their young daughter Mary to own a penthouse condominium in the upper East side of Central Park. They aren’t rich, but they do enjoy a lavish lifestyle. They did until recently, anyway. Rachael was laid off about eighteen months ago. Since David earned an outstanding income as a premier engineering specialist, Rachael decided not to continue pursuing her career. Instead, she now lives the life of a New York City (NYC) socialite.

Life was grand, until out of nowhere, something happened that will utterly shatter the respectable lives they know. Situations sometimes force a person to do the unthinkable and live in a manner they detest. There are people who'll live poor and miserable existence no matter what. And some people are willing to do anything to avoid hardship. They will even sell their souls to enjoy lives of luxury and power here on earth. Can anyone judge what is copacetic when survival is on the line? In a chain of life’s events, David & Rachael just may find out… the hard way.

David lost his job when the company he worked for filed for bankruptcy eight months ago. He isn't alone. People are losing their jobs all over the United States of America (USA) because of the recession. The owner & CEO saw this crisis coming and chose to be a weasel. He knew bankruptcy was imminent and did despicable things to ensure the tragedy doesn't affect him personally.

The greedy pile of dung drained all the employees' retirement funds. He illegally sold stocks, appropriated bonds, and liquidated items of value. Everything possible made its way into his personal offshore account where law protects him. No doubt he implemented additional methods of hiding

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