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The New Hexagon 2: 52 More Blocks to English Paper Piece

The New Hexagon 2: 52 More Blocks to English Paper Piece

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The New Hexagon 2: 52 More Blocks to English Paper Piece

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Nov 1, 2019


Hooray for MORE hexagons! The best-selling author of The New Hexagon is back with 52 new ways to play with hexagon shapes. Using her efficient, accurate methods for English paper piecing, Katja Marek shares streamlined how-to techniques such as basting with glue and using precut paper templates.

Katja's also expanded the hex-abilities by including a variety of block sizes. Choose from:
14 twelve-inch blocks 38 six-inch blocks 5 pretty projects to show off the blocks you create!
Nov 1, 2019

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The New Hexagon 2 - Katja Marek

The New Hexagon 2: 52 More Blocks to English Paper Piece

© 2019 by Katja Marek


19021 120th Ave. NE, Ste. 102

Bothell, WA 98011-9511 USA

eBook Edition: 2019

No part of this product may be reproduced in any form, unless otherwise stated, in which case reproduction is limited to the use of the purchaser. The written instructions, photographs, designs, projects, and patterns are intended for the personal, noncommercial use of the retail purchaser and are under federal copyright laws; they are not to be reproduced by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, including informational storage or retrieval systems, for commercial use. Permission is granted to photocopy patterns for the personal use of the retail purchaser. Attention teachers: Martingale encourages you to use this book for teaching, subject to the restrictions stated above.

The information in this book is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given nor results guaranteed. Since Martingale has no control over choice of materials or procedures, the company assumes no responsibility for the use of this information.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2019941962

eISBN: 978-1-68356-061-6

Original Source ISBN: 978-1-68356-036-4


Cover photography for this book was taken at Blackberry Hill Farm in Carnation, Washington.


For my sister Sabine, who I lost so long ago. Even back then we shared a love for crafting and sewing. I hope that she’d be proud of me.

To my customers, followers, and fellow quilters who have embraced my designs and by so doing have fueled my desire to do more. And to my ever-supportive staff, who by pitching in when I come up with something new, allow me to do what I love.

You have all been such an important part of my journey, because without even one of you, the journey would not have been the same.




Tools and Equipment

Techniques for Perfect English Paper Piecing

Tricks I’ve Learned along the Way

THE Blocks

The 12" Blocks

The 6" Blocks

THE Projects

Explore the Stars Bed Quilt

Amethyst Table Runner

Blossoms Bed Runner

Argyle Lap Quilt

Starburst Wall Quilt

Pattern Pieces



Quilt-Along Facts

About the Author

Place Mats Project

Visit to download a free place mat pattern.

In The Blocks on pages 15–66, you’ll see photos (taken from finished quilts) of each block design.


English paper piecing has seen a huge resurgence in the last five years, with creative new shape combinations to tempt our quilting palate. Modern quilters are adopting this wonderfully portable technique as though they themselves— instead of pioneering women several hundred years before us—had invented it. Paper piecing is a technique that has been brought into this century with new tools and techniques, such as fabric glue for basting, die-cut paper shapes to baste around, and laser-cut acrylics to fussy cut our fabrics.

When I designed the

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