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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 4

Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 4

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard: Volume 4

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Nov 16, 2019


Soldier King Ye Chen was one of the top fighters in the country's special forces. However, his teammates' deaths caused him to leave the army and return to the civilian population. On one side, there were many schemes and on the other, there were countless beauties. If one could defeat a tyrant, they would be able to kill off their enemy, win the favor of beauties, and then see how the super soldier king would play with his city life.
Nov 16, 2019

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Beautiful CEO's Bodyguard - Fan Tian



The big dog couldn't hold back anymore and almost stuck its head into the center of the table, They must have just received the news of each other's existence, but those two groups of people have also discovered each other's existence, they are planning to kill each other!

This is a little interesting!

Ye Chen stuffed the last mouthful of food into his mouth: We can help them.

The big dog snapped its fingers in excitement. He had thought like this in the first place, since these two groups of people were not good people, and did not care what kind of strength he had, they merely wanted to kill Ye Chen and the rest. It did not know what Ye Chen and the others looked like, but it had already said that it would make them kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

After returning to the hotel, Ye Chen asked Abacus to pass the information about the rooms of the two groups of people. They could be considered to be fated to live not too far away, it just so happened that upstairs and downstairs.

Seeing him like this, Xiao Fei couldn't help but shiver. The moment the captain revealed such a smile, it meant that he might not have some rotten idea in his mind.

When Ye Chen voiced out his thoughts, Black Wolf and the big dog started cheering for him, while Lin Feng and Tan Lang only touched their foreheads in frustration. Ye Chen's method was actually very simple, but it was really a bit damaging.

Next came the performance of Big Dog and Black Wolf.

After Abacus nodded, Big Dog was the first to dial the number downstairs, but the number displayed was the number from upstairs, not Ye Chen and the others'.

Without waiting for them to speak, the big dog immediately scolded them, You guys have the nerve to scheme and kill them in the restaurant? Let me tell you, Ye Chen is ours, no one wants to take him away! Why don't you take a piss to see what you look like …"

He didn't know whether the other party had replied or not, but the big dog scolded him for a full three minutes without repeating anything. It then proudly hung up the phone.

Black Wolf did as he was told, but he was cursing the person upstairs. Before he could say anything, he heard the sound of a gouge coming from the other side of the phone before the phone was hung up.

Damn, I just started cursing! Black Wolf's face was full of grievance, but when he heard the roars coming from outside, he laughed in satisfaction, The IQ of these two groups, even if they found us, they would still be cannon fodder, but they actually started calling because of a phone call. Did they not think that if they wanted to kill them, they wouldn't need to make an appointment first?

After being tricked, Ye Chen and the rest went to sleep satisfied. They were not curious about the situation outside at all, it was just a sword and spear fight, if it was any more tragic, blood would be flowing, it would be better to not see anything.

As he no longer had any concerns, Ye Chen slept all night until the sun rose. However, before he left, they encountered a small incident, which was the arrival of the police.

It would be strange if the police did not come after such a big commotion. The tenants of all the rooms were called into the hall to be informed of the situation.

Those two groups of people probably realized later that someone instigated them, so they didn't suffer too much casualties. However, their combat strength was already greatly reduced. Moreover, it was obvious that there weren't as many people as yesterday.

When it was Ye Chen and the others' turn to be questioned by the police, Ye Chen deliberately revealed his name, and a member of one of the small squads instantly pounced on him, wanting to take Ye Chen's life.

Comrade Police, what are they doing? Ye Chen hid behind the police officer. Since the world was so big, there was not only him called Ye Chen. Even if the other party had heard his name, they would not be able to confirm Ye Chen's identity.

No blood blade. His chest was already starting to itch, meaning that his wound had already recovered to the stage of growing flesh. He rummaged through the bag, but didn't find any medicine Lou Nuo had prepared to stop the itch, so he could only stand by the side.

They set off once again.

Just like that, Ye Chen and the rest took the chance to strike a blow. The people who were rushing towards the Mi Nation all spread the news, Ye Chen was no longer in the Mi Nation, and was heading south.

did not run into too many troubles along the way, but his injuries healed quite quickly. By the time they reached North Africa, he could no longer see anything different about him from normal people.

Mo City.

This country was like its name, the smallest being the size of a city. When they reached the place, Lin Feng took his leave. They still had their own matters to attend to, so it would be inconvenient for them to stay by Ye Chen's side.

They didn't rush to find a house, instead, Ye Chen and the others went to a bar.

If you want to know a country and its people, a bar can be said to be an open and free place, the point is that under such lights people seem to be more likely to show their true side.

Only now did Ruo Qing finally relax. Although the pervert didn't dare to look at her anymore, she still didn't like to go with them. Without waiting for others to order the wine, Ruo Qing had already ordered a cup of the specialty wine and started drinking.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, looked around his surroundings with interest, as he observed everyone present.

Most of the people in the bar were probably those who drank too much. In fact, no matter which country was it, those who drank too much would get drunk and attract the attention of those who didn't drink too much.

In contrast, a sober person was even more important.

That man at one o'clock, invite him over. The man that Ye Chen was staring at had a skinny face. Regardless of whether he was looking at him or not, he had a smile on his face, such people would have different names at different places, but Ye Chen gave them all a name, something to do.

The thing that knows everything.

They often made extra money selling things, including information and people.

Ye Chen had only come looking for him because of the information.

Under the threat of the bald eagle, the matter had followed him over. With a smile still hanging on his face, he asked, May I ask how I can help the distinguished guests?

How's the jade business recently?

Before hearing the details from Zhou Sheng's friends, Ye Chen wanted to hear the situation from the mouths of others.

Even though the Mo City was small, but it had so many jade resources that you wanted to cry. All of them were stepping on jade and everyone here knew how to look at stones, however, there weren't many local jade merchants and there wouldn't be any disputes. Thus, he could guess the situation of Zhou Sheng's friend just by asking about the general situation.


It's quite good, the supply can't meet the demand! Seeing that they were really going to ask, he sat down as if he was already familiar with them and even asked bartender for a cup of wine.

The bald eagle took out a stack of money from his pocket and stuffed it into the man's hands. Tell me the details!

That person glanced at the money in his hand and happily put it in his pocket. Then, he started to talk, Our business has always been good here! I'm just pointing at this to make a fortune! This was especially so for the new online business. Everyone knew the high requirements to take delivery of the goods! And it was sold really well!

Will there be a situation where the goods are out of stock? Ye Chen asked casually.

Broken stock? That person laughed, That won't do. Although our territory is small, it's still full of this kind of stuff. How bad would it be if the item is broken?

Ye Chen muttered in his heart, since the production rate could keep up, why did Zhou Sheng's friends want to reduce the supply?

This is what he does. He leaned forward and said, You want the goods? Or is there a problem with the goods? "

I did run into a little trouble. The supplier said that they couldn't keep up.

Haha, then I want to raise your price! There was a look of understanding on his face.

But that person should be a friend.

Friends? Friend, isn't that just too easy to say? If you use it to talk about money, that's just bullshit!

Ye Chen nodded his head and did not say another word. Towards this friend of Zhou Sheng's, he did not understand anything at all.

If you want the goods, I can introduce you to a few people. You can talk about the price yourselves, and I'll take the introduction fee. What do you think?

Fine, bring those people to me tomorrow. No matter what their background is, they have to provide good supplies to me. Otherwise, you won't have to think about getting the money! Ye Chen said.

With a face full of confidence, he said, No problem, just relax for a hundred times! I'll see you here tomorrow then! Then he left happily.

You can do that? Lin Feng glanced at the man's back with suspicion: Reliable?

That person is right. Nothing is more reliable than money. Ye Chen returned to being a merchant. As long as he had money, he would not worry about the origin of the goods.

asked for the name of Zhou Sheng's friend, then asked about his character.

Zhou Sheng repeatedly guaranteed that it was not because of the price, but because there was a problem with the origin. Regarding his friend, Zhou Sheng still had a lot of trust in him.

Ye Chen declined to comment, as long as he recognized the right person, then he would no longer have any doubts. But this was also Zhou Sheng's weakness, and thought that the world was good for a month, and was truly hurt by an acquaintance, he might not be able to recover from it for a long time.

The key was that with the alcohol, their relationship had grown closer by another step. Tan Lang even said that he would bring them to see his little daughter when they were free. Tan Lang had a face full of happiness, as if he was still hoping to reunite with his wife.

Before they left, Lin Feng had whispered a thank you into Ye Chen's ear. The party that was about to disperse initially, were stuck together once again due to Ye Chen's idea, and their current attitude towards Lin Feng was no different from that of the death squad supporting Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn't think that this was something worth thanking so much. If Lin Feng wasn't that scum, then no matter how much he tried to help, he wouldn't be able to, but Lin Feng would definitely remember this favor. If Ye Chen had anything else to do in the future, he would definitely help him.

Ye Chen moved his body a bit, and they practically spent half a month's worth of time on the road. In this half month, he went from pain to itchiness, from cold to hot, and his body recovered more or less fully recovered.

Leaving aside the love that could help the whole world, just this profit alone was enough to make one's heart pound.

After all, who would despise too much money?

So on the second night, Ye Chen came to the bar as promised, and the people of death squad also accompanied him, saying that they would protect him, but before the other party arrived, Ruo Qing was the only one left by her side, and no one knew which woman they drank to.

Ye Chen expressed his understanding towards this. They had indeed been too tired during this period of time, whether it was their bodies or their minds, they had not been able to relax. It was not easy for them to come to this kind of place where they were unfamiliar with each other.

It didn't take long before five or six people walked in. It seemed like he had some ability.

The five to six people were dressed very plainly, but the heroic spirit and haughtiness that flowed from their foreheads showed their power, and Ye Chen also smelled the scent of evil merchants.

As a result, Ye Chen became excited, he felt that he still needed to work even harder for his identity as a merchant. Suddenly, several people came to discuss business with him, and he treated them as training.

You guys continue chatting, I'll go and get busy! He didn't worry that Ye Chen would take care of him with money. He had been staying in this bar all year round, and was extremely familiar with the people watching over the place. Regardless of whether Ye Chen's business was good or not, if he didn't dare to pay, he definitely could not let Ye Chen go.

Most importantly, it was because of Ye Chen's huge sum of money from last night that made him think that this was a huge customer. If he could get this customer into trouble due to his temporary greed, then he wouldn't be able to earn any more money in the future.

Ye Chen swept a glance at the six people sitting in front of him, and among them was one of his friends, Chen Tie. Amongst the row of blacks, his yellow skin was particularly conspicuous. Ye Chen had a rough idea in his heart, he was afraid that Zhou Sheng was really going to get injured this time.

Maybe because of the skin color, Chen Tie was the first to speak: Let's just open our mouths wide, if you don't have a lot of goods you want and you don't have any requirements, there's no need to look for us, because we can be said to be the biggest suppliers in the city, and time is also very precious. He was in a very good position!

Ye Chen smiled slightly: You don't have to worry about this, my time is also very precious, so I have to make a request, cooperate with me, there must not be a problem with the goods, if you can't guarantee this point, you can leave!


It was as if they had all heard the funniest joke in the world. They looked at each other, then laughed out loud, Why would there be a problem with our goods? Unless the entire underground had been dug out! However, that is not necessarily something that will happen many years from now!

I'm not talking about the goods, I'm talking about character. Ye Chen said: It's because my company is in Hua Xia, so I don't want to travel back and forth because of my partner.

Chen Tie's expression did not change at all, I have experience working with Hua Xia, and I have access to the goods already, so I have an advantage when compared to them.

Seeing that Chen Tie had started to win over business so quickly, the others panicked and started to talk about their strengths. Some of them even took out their goods for Ye Chen to appraise.

Everyone's eyes landed on Ye Chen. Ye Chen did not understand that goods directly determined what kind of goods they would provide, and if Ye Chen accepted, then they would have an excuse to look for problems later on.

After all, he had chatted with Zhou Sheng and Lu Zhiyi whenever he had nothing better to do. His weakness would be magnified infinitely when he met an expert, and as to what kind of finished product the ore would produce, he was only half aware of it.

At this moment, Ye Chen was here, he had three rubies in his hand, who knew if these people had finished their discussion, or if they had brought anything else, it was all the same to Ye Chen.

Someone had already revealed a playful smile. Do you need me to tell you the difference between our goods?

Ye Chen replied with a faint smile, then placed the three rubies on the table. I don't want these three.

What?! Chen Tie frowned, there was a ruby that he had brought over, they had indeed discussed it for a while, wanting to see the level of the people that they were working with, but the other three of them had their own plans, so they did not work together. He did not expect Ye Chen to eliminate the three of them so quickly, and he was somewhat unreconciled.

Although this is not my best product, but its quality is also very good. It can't be that you refused us just because you didn't understand, right?

Do I understand that I don't need you to judge me? I will pay and you will deliver. This is the perfect relationship to supply. Do you want to test me? Who gave you the guts! Ye Chen turned his face around the moment he said that, and his hand instantly landed on the table. The three rubies bounced up high, and for some unknown reason, Chen Tie and the others all became listless for a moment.

They had originally thought that if Ye Chen didn't understand, they would take the opportunity to raise the price.

Chen Tie eased his expression, revealing a sincere smile: Don't be so angry! We also do business and love each other, we usually take these gems as treasures, no one would think that their treasures have been tainted! So, you want to pick people, but you won't reject us just because of that, right?

Right, right. The other two people also agreed. They were really stunned by Ye Chen's aura.

Since you are all good suppliers, then I don't need to suspect the source of the goods. The three of you have already lost your qualifications to compete, so stop wasting your breath here. Take your things and leave. It's still early, maybe you can get some other business. Ye Chen waved his hands, he did not want to talk to them anymore.

In his heart, he was definitely excluding Chen Tie, and he just so happened to use this chance to openly reject. After all, he was Zhou Sheng's friend, so Ye Chen didn't want him to be too ugly.

However, Chen Tie misunderstood his meaning, he thought that Ye Chen was angry because he could not understand the gems, so his temper rose: Didn't I tell you already? I still have other suppliers and their channels are also well-developed. If you don't accept the three of us just because of this, I suspect that you are just making fun of us!

As soon as he said this, not only the two people he worked with, but the other three people's faces also changed. If the six giants were tricked by a young man here, then how were they going to survive on the jade rocks in the future? They don't want face?

Chen Tie, I have given you face. If you want to go against your words, that will not be fun. Ye Chen had finished drinking his wine, so he immediately ordered another cup for his.

A black man who had been sitting steadily on the side followed her as if his eyeballs had fallen onto Ruo Qing's body all the way to the counter, then shakily followed her back.

I don't understand what you're saying. Chen Tie's eyes suddenly became sharp, he was confident that he had never seen Ye Chen before, and did not understand why Ye Chen would suddenly say that.

Ye Chen did not care about him, he pointed to the black man who was staring at Ruo Qing and said: You have also lost the right to work with me.

On what basis? Only then did the black man turn his gaze back to Ye Chen. Is it because I've taken an extra look at your girl? Other than that, he could not think of other reasons as well. He had not teamed up with others to fool Ye Chen. His eyes were filled with anger, no matter how he looked at it, Ye Chen rejecting them was like a joke, it was not good for any man. Lust? It was because he saw the woman once more and lost a huge business deal, that Ye Chen made this decision, and he could not accept it!

I think this kid is trying to fool us! Chen Tie suddenly stood up, and eight or nine people stood up from all over the place. They all followed Chen Tie, not only because of the momentum, but also because Chen Tie and the others carried jade with them, so they needed bodyguards to protect them.

Seeing Chen Tie taking action, the other three people who were rejected by Ye Chen also stood up, and another thirty or so people stood up in a flash, some of them even had rods in their hands. Brat, he kept hitting his own palm. If someone who didn't have any skill saw this scene, they wouldn't be able to cope with it in a short period of time!

Ye Chen was naturally not scared by the scene in front of him. He even felt a little annoyed. Why did it seem like a fight was about to break out again? He really didn't like fighting! His injuries had not fully healed yet!

Even Ruo Qing did not feel anything from these thugs who stood up. She took a sip of the wine from before and frowned slightly as she was not used to drinking this wine.

The black man who was staring at her suddenly laughed, For the safety of your woman, you had better apologize to us quickly! I do not wish to scare such a beautiful lady! Then, he waved his hand at Ruo Qing. Do you need this brother to protect you?


How do you want to protect me? Ruo Qing suddenly laughed.

That person's eyes were about to pop out, and it was the first time he saw Ruo Qing smile in such a long time. He finally understood why there was someone who would write so quickly when a girl laughed, because that smile made his heart blossom.

As if he had been poisoned by Ruo Qing, that person walked towards Ruo Qing: You can hide to my … Ahhh!"

A glass of wine was poured down his head!

When he saw that Ruo Qing was smiling even more happily than before, he finally realised that she had been played by this woman in front of him. He extended his hand and grabbed towards Ruo Qing's hair.

Bam! Ruo Qing had been there preparing for a long time, so how could he have fallen for his trick? Her leg raised, and kicked the man's chin. Her posture was graceful and elegant, whereas the man fell onto the sofa after being kicked by Ruo Qing, and almost passed out while holding onto his chin in pain.

He waved at the people he brought over in exasperation. He had been beaten to such a state, how could those people still be here to watch the commotion?

All of a sudden, the people who were standing all rushed towards Ruo Qing. They did not believe that men did not beat women, they only listened to their employers!

Ruo Qing was not timid in the slightest. Instead, she took the initiative to charge into the middle of the crowd, and with every kick, she kicked one of the men down until she could no longer stand!

Chen Tie and the others' jaws were obviously not kicked, but instead seemed to have been kicked. Their mouths were wide open and could not be closed at all, who would have thought that this vase like woman would have such high skills? After all, she was his bodyguard!

Ruo Qing looked at her shoes with a pained expression, and casually took a stick from the hand of the person beside him. She snatched it over and began a new round of beatings.

The stick had been stolen. Before the person could react, his brain was hit by a stick and he couldn't stand up anymore.

In less than five minutes, Ruo Qing had already finished his battle. Zi tossed it to the side, then sashayed over to the bar. The glass of wine I ordered just now didn't taste good. Could you please change me for a nice drink?

bartender hurriedly mixed another cup. In one breath, he had knocked over a few dozen women, he could not afford to offend them!

The middleman who was originally drinking wine peacefully at the side jogged in front of Ye Chen, If business doesn't work, then what's the point of being benevolent and righteous, why are they even fighting? Peace brings wealth, peace brings wealth!"

What he was worried about now was that Ye Chen would really not give him any thanks, the introductions were a mess, and beside him was such a strong female bodyguard. He ran through his mind, none of the people he knew could beat the woman in front of him!

Chen Tie bent down slightly and carefully looked at Ye Chen. His hands slowly reached out as well, wanting to take away the ruby he brought out. No matter what, he couldn't just give it to Ye Chen for nothing!


Ye Chen's eyes immediately glared at them. It was clearly a pair of eyes, and Chen Tie was so shocked that he threw the ruby he was holding in his hand far away. The people in the bar immediately rushed over to grab the gems.

These people did not care who had the most power, they were all drunk people, the drunk people all felt that in the whole world, they were the most amazing. Therefore, in the process of fighting, they even started to fight. There were clearly people who couldn't even stand straight, yet they still ended up fighting with others.

Ruo Qing then took her new wine and walked back, she did not dare be interested in the ruby and was even less interested in the people who started the fight, as long as they did not come for Ye Chen, she only needed to drink her wine.

The African man whose chin was kicked by her shrank back into the sofa. His chin was already beginning to swell up and his mouth was filled with several holes. Now, he could not even speak!

Chen Tie looked at Ye Chen a little awkwardly. He wanted to slip away but didn't dare to, so he adjusted his expression and said with an apologetic smile: Is there a misunderstanding between us?

Why is the supply halved? Ye Chen asked while lying on the sofa.

Chen Tie was startled, then suddenly covered his mouth, his eyes wide: You're Zhou Sheng's boss?! His expression was extremely wonderful, obviously his supply to Zhou Sheng had decreased, yet he still happily ran over to the other party's side to bid, and now, even if he said that he would spend it, Ye Chen would not believe him.

Ye Chen just looked at him, waiting for his answer. If Chen Tie didn't give him a satisfactory answer, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to let him go today.

Ye Chen had already given him the face he should be giving. If he didn't want it, and even wanted to tear off the face, then he couldn't blame Ye Chen for it.

There is indeed a problem with the goods. There was a small problem during mining, but it can be solved soon! Chen Tie hurriedly said, Then we can restore the supplies! Look, didn't you say earlier that he is Zhou Sheng's boss? Didn't we already have a flood in the Dragon King's Temple?

Zhou Sheng treats you as his own family, I'm afraid you don't think so? Ye Chen instantly exposed Chen Tie: Is it because you're not satisfied with the price?

At the very least, their relationship in the past was not bad. Furthermore, Zhou Sheng had always been disappointed, which made Chen Tie even help him to feel a sense of superiority when he was giving away goods.

The more jade they had, the more they increased in quantity. Although Chen Tie also made money with them, but once he thought about how he could increase the price multiple times and sell them outside after processing them, he couldn't sit still anymore.

Isn't this equivalent to him working hard for Zhou Sheng? Furthermore, Zhou Sheng still did not know how to raise the price, so he could only think of a way himself.

However, who would have thought that the other party's boss would come personally? And she rejected him so firmly? Seeing that a big customer was about to lose, Chen Tie shamelessly said, How could that be? He's the same as my family, or I wouldn't have helped him if he wasn't so stupid. I've always given him a lower price than others …"

Then you can speak frankly, playing tricks is meaningless. With these words, Ye Chen's flowery mask was revealed.

Without waiting for Chen Tie to explain himself, Ye Chen said to the two people who had been obediently sitting there: I believe you two have already seen my sincerity and strength, now you two can bid!

Cough! One of them cleared his throat. He had a rough idea of what kind of person Ye Chen was now: I can offer you a low price as long as you can guarantee the quantity.


I can do that too, my goods definitely won't be broken. The other person looked at Chen Tie with a faintly discernable gaze, as if he was also quite disdainful of Chen Tie's actions.

Chen Tie had indeed played himself this time, he would not do good business if he did not take care of it, he had to do good work, now that Ye Chen had two more suppliers, his position would not be preserved anymore.

From now on, you can supply according to your current quantity. Ye Chen said: I don't want to let Zhou Sheng suffer, as for the price …

The price is still the same as it is now! Chen Tie immediately said, he had already made his decision in his heart, the demand for Ye Chen would definitely increase, even if there were two more suppliers, for Zhou Sheng's sake, it would not be difficult for him to squeeze in, and time will prove it. Take it slowly, he did not need to worry about not giving out the goods.

Alright, we'll pass your detailed quotations to my company tomorrow. They will naturally order them according to their requirements. Ye Chen clapped his hands, even if he did not understand it, wouldn't he be able to solve the problem?

It turned out that he didn't need to be very knowledgeable. He only needed to talk business, and no one could be omnipotent. Did he want to be a good president and learn how to farm? He only needed to know how to motivate the peasants!

Following that, Ye Chen took out a stack of money and gave it to the middle aged man who had a careful look: You've worked hard.

Of course! The man received the money with both hands with a smile on his face. He thought to himself that he had not misjudged Ye Chen, he was clearly a rich person, and would definitely not owe him money!

Why aren't you leaving yet? Do you want me to buy you another drink? Ye Chen said leisurely.

Then I won't disturb you any further! Those two people who had agreed on a deal stood up happily. They were glad that they didn't go along with them, and that they only cared about providing goods to An Xin. As for the money, it wouldn't be any less!

Even though Chen Tie was still unwilling, he knew that this was already the best outcome for him. Worse comes to worse, he would just put in more effort on Zhou Sheng in the future, glance at the bodyguards who were still sprawled on the ground, and leave angrily without even saying a word.

They were both people, but why was the difference so huge? Her bodyguard was so good at fighting, and so beautiful too. She didn't even want to look at the person she had brought!

As for the ruby, he didn't want it anymore and didn't know who took it away with him.

Seeing the scene quieten down once again, the middleman nodded his head and bowed as he wanted to take his leave. Although it was easy to get the money, he was glad that he looked for someone seriously. Otherwise, he would have been beaten today.

Don't leave yet, I still have something to ask you. Ye Chen said.

That person bent down and smiled apologetically: Speak everything you know! There's no end to it!

I heard that there is a plant called the Flower of the Desert in the desert?

Just as Ye Chen finished speaking, the man's expression changed: You want the flower of the desert?

What's wrong? With regards to his reaction, Ye Chen felt that it was a little interesting and a little curious, but even more so, there was a fear coming from the depths of his bones!

I do, but I don't have the ability to do it. I advise you not to have any ideas about the Flower of the Desert! The middleman looked around, and then spoke to Ye Chen in a mysterious manner: The desert is such a terrifying place! Furthermore, there are spirit beasts there, guarding the flower of the desert!

Ye Chen immediately laughed out. Spirit beast? The last time he heard this phrase, it was from a fantasy novel!

He had also suddenly thought of this matter.

One of the plants required for the grass juice was the desert flower. However, this desert flower still had a little temper, and not every desert had it. However, the desert at the edge of Mo City was its origin. Ye Chen had rushed over and asked this question. Seeing that the middleman was so mysterious, he became even more interested in picking it.

It's true! Seeing that Ye Chen was not bothered, the middleman became anxious: Who doesn't know that the Desert Flower is valuable? Just by being able to enjoy the scenery itself, it had already caused countless people to explore the desert! However, unless you find an old guide, you will definitely get lost inside! A lot of guides died in there! It's all because the spirit beast guarding the flower of the desert is angry!

And it was because Ye Chen gave the money with no hesitation that the middleman was so serious. As a small country, Mo Cheng could become famous both internally and externally, and part of the reason was naturally because of the Jade Stone production, and the other part was because of the Desert Flower.

Moreover, the Desert Flower had a medicinal effect, it could usually play a calming role at home. If it was combined with jade stones, the value would be even higher, and even Ye Chen could think of one, a local person like them would have their own ideas on the Desert Flower.

Of course, no one has ever seen a spirit beast before. These are the words that came out of the mouths of the older generation members. Moreover, the people who went out to explore haven't come out yet! The Desert Flowers on the market right now were harvested by a group of over a hundred people a few years ago. After they sold the flowers, no one mentioned anything about their experiences in the desert, so right now, there are only dried flowers on the market and the quantity is very small. I suggest that you buy dried flowers if you have low demand.

Alright, help me find a guide, then tell us what you need to prepare. We'll be fine when the time comes. Into the desert! " The more mysterious the middleman spoke, the more curious Ye Chen became. Whether it was because of the mysteriousness of the Desert Flower, or because he needed the Desert Flower to make the grass juice.

The middleman gasped for breath on the side, casually picked up a cup of wine, and finished it all. He originally thought that saying all this would make Ye Chen retreat after knowing the difficulties he faced, but who would have thought that Ye Chen was actually determined to get his hands on the best of his abilities? Are all the rich people nowadays crazy? He already had a business selling jades. If he didn't obediently count the money at home, he would definitely explore the desert! He was treating his own life as child's play!

Think about it again. This is my business card. This was the first time that the middleman had hesitated in the face of such a situation. I think you're a good person. I don't want you to lose your life in vain.

There's no need to think about it. I'll look for you in a week, I hope you've already helped me find a guide by then. Ye Chen thought, a week should be more than enough for him to raise his body. Great.

Crazy, crazy! The middleman continuously shook his head, and then left without turning back. He was really not happy to be unable to persuade Ye Chen. However, he still had a sliver of hope in his heart. Perhaps this young man was really different

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