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Food DISHionary: Food DISHionary, #3

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Food DISHionary: Food DISHionary, #3

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It's an idea generator for meals

Modelled on a classic pocket reference that a generation of professional chefs grew up with, the Food DISHionary's unique format will have you bursting with meal ideas or new variations to try on old favourites.

Think of lasagne. Beef Bolognese sauce, cheese sauce and sheets of lasagne. Why not use sliced roast chicken, spinach, cheese sauce and pasta as an alternative choice? Think of roast sweet potato. Why not sliced, bread crumbed, sweet potato fried in butter and served with a yoghurt sauce and mint?

We often slip into a thought process and moving beyond its boundaries is difficult. That's where the Food DISHionary steps in. Over 1,000 recipe ideas help you create something new for the family, guests, or a date night. Create a renewed interest in food and let this book stimulate some new ideas.

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