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Nigerian Cookbook: Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy

Nigerian Cookbook: Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy

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Nigerian Cookbook: Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy

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May 3, 2019


The deep history of Nigeria has ensured that its cuisine has grown to become one of the most unique and varied on the planet– unfortunately, it is rarely experienced by people within the western world.

Which is something we intend to rectify as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, this amazing cookbook is full of simple, healthy, and delicious, traditional Nigerian recipes that you can start to explore with your friends and family.

This book will open your eyes (and your taste buds) to the incredible dishes found across the historically rich country that is Nigeria – and I should note, it will also provide you with a step by step approach to integrating these dishes into your own kitchen seamlessly.

In this book, you will learn how to cook:

  • Tasty Nigerian breakfast

  • Incredible Nigerian appetizers

  • Traditional Nigerian dinners

  • Rich Nigerian desserts

Nigerian cuisine offers insight into a historically rich country that is rarely experienced by people this side of the globe – so what are you waiting for?

Take the plunge and start your journey towards cooking some of the best food in the world!

May 3, 2019

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Nigerian Cookbook - Grizzly Publishing

Nigerian Cookbook

Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy

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Table of Contents


Nigerian Suya Spice Mix

Chapter One: Nigerian Breakfast Recipes

Moi Moi (Beans Cake)

Plantain Mosa (Plantain Pancake)

Nigerian Fried Plantains and Eggs

Akara (Nigerian Bean Cakes)

Nigerian Chicken Shawarma

Nigerian-Style Potato and Egg

Yamarita (Nigerian Egg Battered Yam Fries)

Nigerian Coconut Bread

Nigerian-Style Club Sandwich

Eggless Nigerian Pancakes

Nigerian Egg Stew

Nigerian Bread and Egg Casserole

Nigerian Potato Hash

Nigerian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions Bake

Ewa Agoyin (Boiled Beans with Pepper Sauce)

Bread Boat

Chapter Two: Nigerian Lunch Recipes

Miyan Taushe and Tuwo Shinkafa

Okra Soup

Nigerian Honey Stir Fry Chicken Sauce

Nigerian Pork Chops and Savory Rice

Nigerian Salad

Egusi Soup

Nigerian Style Grilled Fish

Nigerian-Style Chicken Wings

Adalu (One Pot Beans and Corn)

Dambu Nama (Nigerian Dried Beef Floss)

Nigerian Goat and Spinach Stew

Asa Iwa (Nigerian Cassava Porridge)

Nigerian Beef in Tomato Sauce

Seafood Jollof Rice with Pan Seared Prawns

Nigerian Kidney Bean Stew with A Peanut Sauce

Nigerian Chicken Stew with Okra

Chapter Three: Nigerian Dinner Recipes

Classic Nigerian Jollof Rice

Suya (Nigerian Chicken Skewers)

Obe Eja Tutu (Nigerian Fresh Fish Stew)

Kale Jollof Spaghetti and Meatballs

Nigerian Beef Stew

Nigerian Plantain and Vegetable Stew

Nkwobi (Nigerian Spicy Cow Foot)

Nigerian Pepper Soup

Isi Ewu (Spicy Goat Head)

Afang Soup

Efo Riro (Nigerian Spinach Stew)

Nigerian Egusi Soup

Ogbono Soup and Pounded Yam

Nigerian Fried Rice

Nigerian Chicken Curry

Chapter Four: Nigerian Dessert Recipes

Nigerian Coconut Candy

Shuku Shuku (Coconut Balls)

Puff-Puff (Deep Fried Dough)

Candied Peanuts

Dodo (Fried Plantains)

Nd's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chin Chin

Nigerian Fruit Salad

Caramelized Bananas

Nigerian Mango & Banana Sundae

Agbalumo Ice-cream Cake

Kunun Gyada (Groundnut Milk and Rice Gruel)

Kankaran Tsamiya (Frozen Tamarind Juice)

Mingau de Tapioca (Nigerian Tapioca Pudding)

Pawpaw (Papaya Cake)

Nigerian Pound Cake


Nigerian Meat Pie



First and foremost, I want to give you a massive thank you for purchasing my book, ‘Nigerian Cookbook: Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy.’

Nigeria is a small country located in western Africa, surrounded by the countries of Niger in the north, Benin in the west, and Cameroon in the south east.

This incredibly unique country has a deep history, in which it has been home to a multitude of ancient indigenous kingdoms over thousands of years. As a result, Nigeria is a place that has fascinated people for the better part of a millennia.

Nigeria is a country that has an incredibly rare and varied landscape. The far south is defined by its famously tropical climate, while much of its eastern borders are typified by its rugged mountains and harsh highlands.

This clash of landscapes can be truly breathtaking at times.

When losing yourself in this amazing scenery, it is important to remember that Nigeria is also one of the most culturally deep countries on this planet. With a history that is as interesting as it is dark, Nigeria offers an isolated combination of migration and culture rarely seen – all of which has resulted in Nigeria becoming somewhat of dream location for travelers and historians alike.

When you then combine this with deep and humble people, gloriously distinctive traditions, and a very individual way of life, then you have a recipe for success.

Oh, and I should point out that the cuisine is beyond belief.

Like many countries found within the great continent of Africa, Nigerian cuisine is recognized by both its richness in flavor, and by its dense variety.

Over the centuries, Nigerian cooking has advanced to revolve around several unique herbs and spices, which are frequently combined with palm oil and groundnut oil to create richly flavored sauces and soups that are unlike anything else in the world.

These amazing sauces are then frequently combined with beans and legumes, as well as chicken and beef, to create some truly amazing dishes that need to be experienced firsthand to be believed.

Now, while the food is unquestionably amazing, I should really note just how important this cuisine is to traditional Nigerian culture. You see, over time, the local food has truly become something much greater than just cooking.

It has become a way of expressing Nigerian culture.

It has become a way to bring family and friends together.

In short, it has become a way of life.

In this manner, Nigerian cuisine offers an amazing collaboration between history and culture, while also providing

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