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DI Rosen



A kidnapped child. A coded message. A burning car...

A nine-year-old boy crawls from a burning car and is left fighting for his life. Young children go missing in the dead of night. Something sinister is at work on this London estate.

Then DCI David Rosen and his team find a sinister eye carved into the site of the wreckage. Nearby, mysterious markings are etched onto the wall. Every second counts. Can Rosen and his team crack the code in time? Or will these children stay missing for ever?

What people are saying about WHAT SHE SAW:

'Solidly believable world with intriguing and eyebrow raising characters'

'Lots of twists and turns throughout, builds to a brilliant climax'

'What a cunning, gripping story this is'

'Read it in 2 sittings, couldn't put it down'

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