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Game On: A Sassy, Steamy Novella

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Rival teamsAll Grant Franklin wants to do is watch his Cubbies in peace. Too bad his irritating new seatmate at Wrigley makes that impossible. And he's not sure what's worse: her insistence on wearing Yankees gear to every game, or her complete indifference to his charms.Sparring seatmatesLily Castillo didn't intend to become the New York-supporting thorn in her handsome neighbor's side, but it's just too much fun using her sharp tongue to get the unflappable Grant to flap. If only she could stop thinking about him once she leaves the ballpark.Let the games beginWith eighty-plus games in the season and seats that share an armrest, Lily and Grant have plenty of time to bicker, provoke, share family secrets, engage in a little sabotage... and maybe even fall in love.This fast, fun read is a standalone story that will round the bases with baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike. It's about to get wild at Wrigley! 

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