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Possessed: Seraphine Chronicles, #4

Possessed: Seraphine Chronicles, #4

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Possessed: Seraphine Chronicles, #4

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10 set 2019


Natalie Capella was raised in New York City and the last thing she believes in are fairytales. When she goes through a virtual reality exhibit at a convention and ends up in a strange world with an all-to-real dragon hunting her down, she begins to think she's lost her mind.


Evvan rescues a strange woman from most certain death. It isn't long before he realizes that there's more to this odd woman than he first believed…especially when he sees her birthmark. It also doesn't take him long to decide she's his woman—now to convince her of that fact.


Natalie finds herself incredibly drawn to the big brute as they make their way through a strange land…and to a destiny she never expects.

10 set 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Cheyenne McCray is an award winning, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author of upward of 100 novels and novellas. Chey grew up on a ranch in the southeastern corner of Arizona, and enjoys building worlds her readers can get lost in. She lives in a small AZ town with her hubby and a growing menagerie that includes two dogs (Checkers and Nikki), three ducks (the neighborhood celebrities), and five chickens named by the kids (Taco, Detective Spunky, Bubblegum, Zazu, and Dumpling). Find out what Chey is up to these days—cruise her website, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and even drop her a line or two.

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Possessed - Cheyenne McCray



Seraphine Chronicles

Cheyenne McCray

Jaymie Holland

Cheyenne McCray LLC



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Excerpt — King of Hearts: Taken by Passion

Jaymie Holland, Cheyenne McCray

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

By Cheyenne aka Jaymie

Also by Cheyenne McCray

About Cheyenne aka Jaymie


F uck. Miznari whipped a thick blue penis out of her backpack a mischievous expression on her dark features. I forgot to buy batteries for my vibrator.

Natalie choked on the gulp of wine she’d just swallowed. Merlot shot up her nose. Her throat burned and her eyes watered as she tried to hold back her laughter.

Put that thing away! Kerry’s face turned as red as the checkered tablecloth. After a quick glance around the crowded Italian restaurant, she added, Hurry, before someone sees it.

Natalie could only shake her head, her deep wine-red hair spilling over her shoulders as she dabbed her nose with a cloth napkin. Every time the three friends managed to get together, Miz would find some way to embarrass the hell out of Kerry. Earlier that morning, when Nat had flown to Virginia from her home in New York City, she’d wondered what Miz was going to come up with this time.

Don’t you like it? Miz’s big brown eyes went wide, her face the picture of innocence as she extended the vibrator across the table toward Kerry. See how realistic the rubber is? Feels like a cock. A good ten inches, and it even glows in the dark.

Kerry shrank away from the dildo, her hazel gaze narrowing behind the prim wire frames of her glasses. In her decidedly schoolteacher voice, she commanded, Put that in your backpack, now.

I’ve read your erotic romances, Ker. Miz drew back, encircled the blue cock with her fingers and moved her hand up and down the penis from base to head. You may dress like Miss Marple. Hell, you may even act like Miss Manners. But on the inside, sweetie, you’re Debbie Does Dallas. She put the cock to her lips and swirled her tongue over the head. Miz was short and athletic with a sexy ass and hips like J-Lo. Her nipples were obviously hard, poking through the thin material of her blouse.

Miz Anderson, Kerry hissed the ‘s’ like a snake on steroids. Put that damn thing away before I shove it up your—your—

Ass? With a grin, Miz tucked the vibrator into her pack as she murmured in her throaty voice, Now there’s a thought.

Pursing her lips, Kerry straightened the jacket of her brown herringbone suit over her ample figure. You’re such a shit.

Did our Miss Perry just say shit? Miz turned her teasing brown gaze on Natalie. Who’d’ve thunk it?

You are a shit. Natalie laughed and pushed away her half-eaten plate of manicotti. But that’s why we love you, she added as the waiter left the dinner bill and cleared the plates.

Kerry dug in her obviously expensive Coach leather purse and pulled out her wallet. Humph.

Smells of garlic bread and lasagna permeated the restaurant, along with the hum of voices, clinking of plates and Italian music in the background. Natalie absently rubbed the star tattoo that surrounded her bellybutton and the gold piercing. The tattoo she’d gotten after losing a dare to Miz in college, the piercing just because she’d felt like it. The tattoo was a unique star pattern that matched the birthmark behind her left earlobe.

Natalie shifted in her seat, her jean skirt feeling a bit snug. It was Halloween night, and the three former college roommates had managed to squeeze in time for dinner before the Out of this World fantasy and sci-fi convention they were all attending that evening—the stupid convention Miz had coerced Natalie into patronizing. Miz was a cover artist and costume designer, actively involved with the convention. She insisted, on threat of public dildo use, that Nat participate in one of the exhibits Miz’s friend was running.

So, Nat. Miz flipped her short dark hair out of her eyes. Looking forward to tonight’s little experiment?

It was all Natalie could do to hold back a groan. I don’t know how I let you talk me into these things.

It’ll be a kick-ass night. Miz grabbed the bottle of merlot and drained what little was left into her own glass. From what Rod told me, this virtual reality machine is so realistic you’ll feel like you’re actually in a fantasy world. Like being in a fairytale.

Fantasy. Riiiiight. Natalie took a sip of her merlot, enjoying the warmth flowing down her throat. She’d need several bottles of wine before she started believing in fairytales. She returned the glass to the table and trailed her fingers up and down the stem. The only fantasies I believe in are the ones I have when I’m riding the purple bunny.

Bunny? Kerry paused, a twenty-dollar bill in hand for the waiter, and glanced from Natalie to Miz. What purple bunny and what does it have to do with fantasy?

For writing romantic erotica, you sure are naïve. Miz leaned forward, her small breasts pressed against the table. In a loud voice she said, Nat’s talking about a vibrator that has little bunny ears. The ears stimulate the clit.

Kerry’s face went redder than her auburn hair as she tossed the twenty on the table and pushed out her chair. It’s time to go. She grabbed her leather briefcase and purse, stood, and raised her chin in the air. I need to check in at the convention center and have time to go over my presentation.

You know what you need to loosen up, Kerry? Miz rifled through her backpack, dug out some cash and tossed it on top of the twenty. You need a good fuck.

Sucking in her breath, Kerry clutched her briefcase to her chest. Her eyes darted to Natalie in an apparent plea for support.

She’s right. Natalie plunked down her share of the bill and grabbed her jacket off the back of her chair. You need to get laid.

With a resigned sigh, Kerry patted her severe bun and adjusted her glasses. You may be right.

Miz cracked up with laughter and Natalie grinned.

The women headed out of the restaurant to the nearby Williamsburg center that housed the Out of this World convention. It was a short walk, and Natalie enjoyed the feel of the crisp fall Virginia air against her cheeks and the cool breeze stirring her wine-red hair around her shoulders. A harvest moon, perfect for Halloween night, was just rising over the Atlantic.

An eerie sensation trailed down Natalie’s spine. She shivered and slid her hands into the pockets of her jacket. If she had been the slightest bit superstitious, she would have turned around and headed straight back to her apartment in New York City and to that purple bunny waiting in her lingerie drawer.


Williamsburg, Virginia, Halloween night

Natalie Capella’s gaze traveled the crowded convention center—big as a football field and packed with attendees dressed as fantasy characters. Lights pulsated, music throbbed, signs glittered and flashed, and there was lots of chatter, shouts, catcalls, and everything in between. The noise level was one thing, but all the people dressed up like gnomes, pixies, giants, and trolls were just plain ridiculous.

Cripes. These people need to get a life.

Miznari had just vanished into the throng on a mission to track down one of her design partners and Kerry had headed off to prepare for her speech, leaving Natalie to search out the damn virtual reality exhibit she had agreed to patronize.

With a resigned sigh, Natalie dropped off her purse and jacket at the convention center’s coat check booth and slipped the receipt into her skirt pocket. She could just make out the Virtual Fantasy World sign in the middle of the room. Nat worked her way past half a dozen dwarves, an assortment of wizards, a few net-winged fairies, and several elves with decidedly un-elvin pimples and leers.

Disgusted by an ogre with a boob-shaped club, Nat slipped to the left and almost smashed into one of the fairies. The gorgeous brunette caught Natalie at her waist and smiled. White teeth flashed against skin so dark and beautiful it seemed to be made out of night sky and priceless ink. The fairy let Nat loose with a, Be careful, sweetheart.

Nat’s heart pounded just a little faster. Damn. That dress is so sheer her nipples show, she thought as the woman turned back to her friends, revealing a stunning profile. Yep. Nipples. Dark burgundy, full, and erect.

Forcing her attention back to her purpose, Nat brushed through the crowd without looking back at the brunette. The material of her short denim skirt felt good against her silk panty-covered ass. Her nipples hardened beneath the thin material of her blouse.

She did need a good fuck, desperately. It had been far too long if she was feeling horny while walking through a room filled with people dressed up like they belonged on another world.

Or in St. Jude’s mental ward.

Natalie moved past a tall blonde elf who bore a striking resemblance to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. She could have sworn the man palmed her ass, but the elf was the picture of innocence when she tossed him a look over her shoulder.

A smile curved her lips as she thought about grabbing the elf by his obviously fake pointed ears and riding him for all he was worth.

Hell, Kerry might need to get laid to loosen up. Natalie just needed to get laid, period.

Conversation flowed around her while she edged and elbowed the rest of the way through the crowd. An assortment of languages met her ears—French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Navajo, Puerto Rican—all of which she mentally translated with unconscious ease. She’d had a gift for languages as long as she could remember, and within hours of being introduced to a new dialect, she easily mastered it and spoke with the fluency of a native. She’d served as an interpreter for the United Nations since graduating from college in the top one percent of her class, and she loved her job.

Although lately she’d been wondering if there was more to life than work.

As usual, like she had a sixth sense, Natalie was acutely aware of the men and women who watched her move through the room. Throughout Nat’s life, she had become accustomed to attracting attention without even trying. She’d been told that her slender figure, flawless porcelain complexion, forest green eyes, and her unusual shade of wine-red hair made her an uncommon beauty. Natalie disagreed. She simply looked different from everyone else.

When she worked she kept her hair back, wore thick-framed reading glasses to dim the brilliant color of her eyes, and dressed in business suits to camouflage her curvaceous figure. Otherwise no one took her seriously.

But when she went out, she opted for mini-skirts and low cut blouses that showed off her cleavage. Truth be told, she loved the appreciative glances and loved the thought that men found her attractive—as long as it was on her terms, and when she wanted the attention.

Finally, Natalie reached the Virtual Fantasy World exhibit. She broke through the crowd and walked up to the guy Miz had told her to look out for—a dark-haired dork in a Robin Hood costume. Okay, so Miz hadn’t called him a dork, but anyone who dressed up to look like a character from a fantasy story was a dweeb in Nat’s book.

Miznari sent me, she said when she reached the man. I’m Natalie Capella.

’Bout time. The guy picked up a clipboard and nodded. You’re up next. His gaze traveled over her figure as he absently gestured toward an arched opening that looked like the mouth of a cave made from carved stone. Head on into the cave. Once you’ve been through the virtual tour, you’ll come out on the other side. There’ll be a questionnaire for you to complete.

That’s it? Nat smoothed her hands over her jean skirt as she glanced from the cave mouth to the dweeb. No headgear or special glasses needed?

Nope. Robin Hood grinned. It’s a totally awesome exhibit. You’ll feel like you’re in a real fantasy.

All righty then. It was all Nat could do not to groan and roll her eyes. Instead she gave the guy

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