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So Raw It's Downright Filthy

So Raw It's Downright Filthy

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So Raw It's Downright Filthy

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May 13, 2011


Let us not understate the might and magic of Joshua Ploeg’s cooking. The dude’s meals sparkle in your mouth; they burst and bloom; they explode and breakdance and pirouette! Joshua’s the “traveling vegan chef” and he is—as we speak, no less!—touring the world making insane-in-the-membrane multi-course DIY meals at shows and dinner parties. (You can book him right here! A wonderful follow-up to his third cookbook, In Search of the Lost Taste, this brand-new zine is Joshua’s take on raw food and it is llllllong awaited. Revel in the majesty of easy and cheap recipes like his Mushroom-Pear Salad with Five Spice. Give yourself a massive high five after fixin’ up his pho (which is pho-king great!). Go bananas with his green curry, his incredible Shitakesbury Steak, his OMG-worthy raw Shepherd’s Pie! Want some more? There’s more, much more: 28 slammin’ pages with tips on all-things raw, raw-related articles, and awesome-a-licious recipes like Garlic-Sunflower Pate, Cashew Sour Cream, Melon Gazpacho, and Gumbo! The raw diet does not have to mean a pile of wilted lettuce with lime squeezed over it or a handful of stinkin’ peanuts! The raw diet can be a party!
May 13, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Joshua Ploeg is a touring vegan chef/caterer and pioneering queercore punk musician. He has cooked for Senator Daryll Steinberg’s Proposition 8 Repeal Fundraiser, Perry Ferrell, The Gossip, Ben Davidson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fugazi, Nikki McClure, Ani DiFranco, and Anti-Flag. Named a notable Dutch-American by the Dutch Embassy, he has written for Brooklyn's Satya Magazine and featured in Vegan Police, Details Magazine, The Advocate, NME, Abolitionist, The Bay Guardian, City Paper (DC), News & Reviews (Sacramento), and Razorcake. Formerly the singer of Behead the Prophet (Spin magazine's #38 “best 100 band names of all time”), he currently sings for Select Sex.  Read an interview with Joshua on our blog!

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So Raw It's Downright Filthy - Joshua Ploeg



This is something you can ignore while it progresses. Wash dried legumes (black lentils, lentils, garbanzo beans) and sort them. Soak them overnight in a good quantity of water (you want them to be well covered and then some). Wash and soak again.

Lentils only need this second soak for eight hours or so. With garbanzo beans, try twelve hours (you can do it one more time with them for good measure). Then drain them again, rinse, and keep them wet in purified water in the fridge, rinsing every now and then. (It works well in a bowl covered with plastic wrap or a ziploc bag.) After three days, the lentils will start to develop their trails.

The garbanzos will take longer. Keep them clean and moist, and it’ll happen. They’re ready to use then, for my purposes. You can wait even longer for serious sprouts. Some persons go on about a sprouting jar.

This is nonsense. It’s just more crap they want you to buy.


I’m sure they do, thought I’d tell you that. They believe it aids digestion. Usually, people do this if the nuts are going to be pureed into some creamy thing, but some people do it all of the time.

They nuts.

Anyway, do that if you want to when you make something creamy. After they’ve soaked, drain them and dry them on a paper towel a bit before using. There’s no sense in soggy nuts.


To make your own coconut milk, soak the flesh in some filtered water and puree the whole shebang until smooth, using more or less water for the desired thickness.


Is it still raw if you freeze it? Sure it is! Just don’t leave it in there for more than a few days and you’re solid.

This whole thing seems like a cleanse got turned into a lifestyle, y’know, like getting a colonic everyday.


4 Bananas

2 Tbsp. Lime juice

2-3 Hot peppers, minced

1 tsp. Sesame seeds

2 Garlic cloves, minced

1 Small onion, chopped

Handful of basil,

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