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The Bloodstone Quadrilogy

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The Bloodstone Quadrilogy

Lunghezza: serie


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Book 1: Grave Stones

Revenge can be bloody. Vampires are deadly.

The beginning of a steamy, dark fantasy series, Grave Stones is the first book in the edgy and quirky Bloodstone Quadrilogy. Experience thrills, romance, and sexy nights while investigating the mystery of the monster who inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Book 2: Heart's Blood

Magic is dark. Evil is mayhem.

Heart's Blood is the thrilling second installment in the Bloodstone Quadrilogy— an exciting and steamy dark fantasy that's dripping with horror and lust. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as you fall into this intense supernatural world.

Book 3: Iron and Salt.

Supernaturals are real. And so are monsters.
Iron and Salt is the suspenseful third book in the Bloodstone Quadrilogy by New York Times Bestselling author, Calinda B. A dark fantasy series with tinges of horror and romance, prepare to be swept off your feet to a haunted landscape where dark creatures are real and forbidden desires come true.

Book 4: Stone's End

Magical creatures are the stuff of fantasy. Until one of them started stalking me.

I'm William Ward. Moving back to Ballynagaul, nothing could have prepared me for meeting evil head on. Does it have anything to do with me falling for a vampire? Can't tell. But when something started stalking me, wrapping its bony fingers around me, I'm suddenly in over my head. Now I'm talking to kittens, praying to a dead goddess, and defending my right to love the undead. 

Things are about to get crazy. I only hope I get out of it alive.

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