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Nature's Resolutions For Healthier Beauty

Nature's Resolutions For Healthier Beauty

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Nature's Resolutions For Healthier Beauty

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Feb 8, 2016


Are you feeling self conscious about your skin? If you have unsightly moles, warts, age spots or skin tags, you can easily get rid of them naturally without using unknown chemicals on your skin. For recipes for these problems and much more, click on the Nature's Resolutions button on the lower right hand side of this page. In my book "Nature's Resolutions for Healthier Beauty" you will find over 200 recipes from making your own cosmetics and face care products to making your own hair spray and other hair products. The book also includes facial exercises that can be easily done while relaxing in front of the T.V. It also includes tips for applying makeup and nutrition for the skin. You can even make your own shaving gel and toothpaste. This book has a little bit of everything for having beautiful, healthy skin using natural ingredients, most of which you may already have in your kitchen.

Feb 8, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Several years ago, Deborah Lee Lott wrote a magazine article just as a fluke - a “why not” kind of thing. She never dreamed that the magazine she submitted the article to would accept it, but they did. They even asked her for photos to go with the article, so she took a travel weekend and got the photos. Her efforts paid off, as they gave her a two page magazine spread. Then life took her away from writing. Years later she took it up again by writing a children’s rhyming book. Life took her away from writing, yet again; until she had a dream one night and woke the next morning with a strong nagging to write it down. When she did, the words just kept flowing and flowing for days until she had written a book. This time she knew she couldn’t give up her passion for writing.Mystery is her favored genre and where her heart lies, but she also pursues other areas of writing. She has written articles, newsletters, manuals, song lyrics, copywriting, fiction and non-fiction books and stories.She has had several articles published as well as a short mystery in an issue of the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. She has also self-published a mystery, a non-fiction and a children's book.When Deborah Lee Lott isn’t writing, she enjoys working in her garden and being surrounded by nature or immersing herself in painting.“We’re all given gifts and we shouldn’t waste those gifts”.

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Nature's Resolutions For Healthier Beauty - Deborah Lee Lott



You can’t hide your skin, especially your face, which is why you want it to look as good as it possibly can. Not only do you want your face and skin to look good, but you want it to actually be healthy as well. Currently, there’s an overabundance of commercial products on the market that claim to make your skin look good. Some products could possibly even make your skin appear to be healthy, but when considering the multitude of unknown ingredients contained in the store-bought beauty products, true skin health is seemingly not a factor. Most people don’t know what some of the ingredients in their beauty regimen are; synthetic chemicals that are skin irritants and carcinogenic. Do you really know what you are putting onto your skin?

If your answer is no and you want it to be yes, you are in luck and must keep reading. What if I told you that there are better choices for natural beauty solutions and many of them can be found in your very own kitchen? A great majority of the ingredients used for the recipes in this book have been around for hundreds of years and are perfectly safe for your skin. These recipes are tried, proven, simple and very easy to follow. In addition, most of the recipes can be cut in half because they make so much product. Alternatively, giving the extra away as gifts is an excellent way to share in the joy of beautiful skin with those you care about! The only issue you may encounter. is that homemade products don’t have a very long shelf life. That’s because they don’t contain damaging preservatives and filler ingredients that aren’t good for you or your skin. The fact that they don’t have a long shelf life really isn’t a negative because you shouldn’t keep skin products sitting around for a very long time anyway. And your homemade products can be as fresh as you want them to be. Instead of heading to the beauty counter, walk into your kitchen and make a new batch! Keep in mind that homemade products are going to be a little different than what you’ve grown accustomed to and it may take time to adjust to them. They may not be as thick as some of the commercial products that you have been using as they lack the supplemental stuff that big brand beauty uses to manufacture more of the item. You no longer need to be concerned about what you are putting onto your skin. Simply shake or mix your homemade products before each use to make sure they are blended well. All in all, it’s worth the adjustment to have naturally healthy skin.

Many of the recipes include essential oils. They can be somewhat pricey, but they do last a long time and you can even make your own very easily (there will be a future book to teach how to do this). In addition, look for the list of essential oil substitutes at the end of this book.

Essential oils for different skin types

If You Have… Try…

Oily Skin Tea tree, geranium, lemongrass or bergamot essential oils

Dry Skin Chamomile, lavender, rose or sandalwood essential oils

Mature Skin Jasmine, lavender, geranium or neroli essential oils

Some recipes call for what is known as carrier oils which can be any kind of blending oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc. There is a list of carrier oils to choose from at the back of this book and you can substitute any one of them in any of the recipes. If possible, it is best to use distilled water or filtered water wherever water is called for in a recipe. If you don’t have distilled or filtered on hand, then any water in its purest form can be used (don’t feel like you can’t use tap water if that’s what you have available). Distilled and filtered water give your products a longer shelf life and keeping your products refrigerated will also make your products last longer. Use organic fruits, vegetables and other ingredients whenever possible. As always, test a small patch of your skin first to be sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient that you haven’t used before.

Before you begin your new journey to truly beautiful and healthy skin, be sure to check the end of this book for information on where you can find carrier oils, essential oils, containers and resources for supplies.

Section 1: For The Face

Our skin is a good indicator of how well we treat our bodies, and it is always out there for the world to see. Therefore, we want it to have the best care possible. The skin care industry produces products that are potentially harmful to our skin on a long term basis and a lot of what goes into these products is not controlled by the FDA. Keep in mind that our skin absorbs some of the products that we put on it into our bodies. This doesn’t mean that we have to go without the skin care products and makeup that we love; rather, we just need to be more conscious of what we use, and there are several natural alternatives to choose from.

Just as our bodies can have an optimal pH balance, so can our skin. Using questionable products on our skin can easily interfere with that balance. The skin should actually be a little acidic, but if it becomes too acidic, it can result in inflamed skin and blemishes. If the skin is too alkaline, it becomes sensitive and dry. It’s best to use homemade cleansers, lotions, scrubs and other skin care products that contain natural ingredients to help retain the skins pH balance. Natural toners can help keep the skin balanced as well as prepare the skin for moisturizing.

Cleansing our faces helps to get rid of dead skin cells and other polluting contaminants that we get on our skin during our daily routines. Cleansing too often, though, can remove too much of the skins natural oils so don’t cleanse your face more than twice a day.

Natural moisturizers provide a protective film on the skin while retaining moisture in the outer skin layers. Two of the best natural ingredients for your skin are aloe vera and vegetable glycerin. Both of these products will draw moisture from the air and pull it into the skin, so any time you create a product with either of these ingredients in it, you can count on healthier glowing skin! Keep reading to learn how you can give yourself a professional facial at home without the expense and harmful chemicals.

Give Yourself a Facial

Give yourself a facial once a week for healthy, beautiful skin:

1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser

2. Steam your face to open pores

3. Put on a facial mask

2. Use a toner or astringent to remove any remaining mask

6. Apply moisturizer

When you apply products to your face, don’t forget to include your neck.


Calendula Cleansing Cream

This cleansing cream is great for removing makeup and has hydrating properties as well.

1/4 cup sweet almond or sunflower oil

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 teaspoon lanolin

2 tablespoons grated beeswax (or beeswax pastilles)

1 tablespoon glycerin

1/4 cup aloe vera gel

3 tablespoons calendula tea

1 vitamin E oil capsules

15 drops lavender essential oil

15 drops rosemary or geranium essential oil

8 drops calendula essential oil (optional)

Warm the first two oils plus the lanolin and beeswax in a saucepan over low heat until the wax melts. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, warm the glycerin, aloe vera gel and calendula tea in a separate pan. Pour the oil mixture into a blender and blend on high while slowly adding the tea mixture. Blend for 15 seconds making sure it isn’t sticking to the sides of the blender. It should be a pale yellow and have a smooth texture. If the mixture is not combined well, stir it and make sure the mixture is not too thick around the blades. Then blend for another 10 seconds. Repeat until the cream is smooth. Pierce a small hole in the vitamin E capsule and add it to the mixture along with the essential oils. Blend another 5 seconds. Pour into a container, but let it cool before putting the lid on. Shelf life is 6 months. Makes about 8 ounces.

To use: Pour a pea-sized amount into your hand, then massage onto face and neck. Rinse with warm water.

Chamomile Facial Cleanser

¼ cup chamomile tea

¼ cup liquid castile soap

A few drops of vitamin E oil (optional)

¾ teaspoon sweet almond, grapeseed or olive oil

8 drops essential oils of choice

Brew chamomile tea and set aside to cool. Combine remaining ingredients in a small bowl. Add cooled tea. Mix well and pour into a small bottle. Shelf life is 6 months. Makes about 4 ounces.

To use: Massage in circular motion onto face and neck. Rinse with warm water.

Clarifying Face wash

1 cup water

1/4 cup liquid castile soap

5 teaspoons jojoba or olive oil

2 tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon tea tree oil

15 drops lemon essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl in the order they are listed. Stir gently, and then pour into a

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