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Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough!

Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough!

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Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough!

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Aug 6, 2019


In what some are already considering one of the most practical primers on empowerment and motivation, Dr. Jeremy Lopez releases his highly-anticipated book Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough! Considered to be one of the foremost leading authorities on success coaching and a pioneering voice within the prophetic movement for more than two decades, Dr. Lopez combines practical, time-tested and proven strategies with ancient wisdom to present a blueprint proven to create success. With every vision and every dream, a literal process becomes enacted as those visions become more real to us. However, what happens between the vision and the manifestation? How does one move from “Point A” to “Point B” in order to actually move forward and advance? What do you do when you feel literally imprisoned – literally “stuck” in the ruts of life? How do you advance when you don’t know where to go? As you will discover in Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough! there are techniques and strategies that exist that when implemented will cause you to not only advance but also to advance more quickly than you ever dared to imagine. Learn to move away from your past. Learn to act on your desires to create the abundant life you’ve been envisioning. Learn to build the life of your dreams. It’s time to move. It’s time to finally act. It’s time to finally get out of your rut once and for all!

Aug 6, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International, Sounds for Now, Awakening to Your Now and Now is Your Moment. Identity Network is a prophetic resource website that reaches well over 153,000 people around the globe and distributes books and teaching CD's. Jeremy has taught and prophesied to thousands of people from all walks of life such as local church congregations, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders, musicians, and various ministries around the world concerning areas such as finding missing children, financial breakthrough's, parenthood, and life changing decisions.Dr. Jeremy Lopez is an international teacher and motivational speaker. Dr. Jeremy speaks on new dimensions of revelatory knowledge in scripture, universal laws, mysteries, patterns and cycles. He has a love for all people and desires to enrich their lives with love, grace and the mercy of God and to empower them to be successful. Dr. Jeremy believes it is time to awake the Christ Conscious mind and live out the victorious life that was mean't for us. His desire is to live a life filled with purpose, potential, and destiny. He ministers with a revelational prophetic teaching gift that brings a freshness of the word of the Lord to people everywhere.This is accomplished through conferences, prophetic meetings and seminars. He serves on many governing boards, speaks to business leaders across the nation and also holds a Doctorate of Divinity. He has had the privilege of ministering prophetically to Governor Bob Riley of Alabama. He has also ministered to thousands overseas including millionaires around the world. He has traveled to many nations including Switzerland, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Prague, Paris, Indonesia, Haiti, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, Mexico, Singapore, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, etc. He has hosted and been a guest on several radio and TV programs from Indonesia to New York.He is the author of nationally published books, 'The Laws of Financial Progression,' 'The Power of the Eternal Now' and his newest book, 'Releasing the Power of the Prophetic'. He has also recorded over 45 teaching CD's. Jeremy's ministry has been recognized by many leaders around the nation.

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Get Out of Your Rut - Jeremy Lopez

Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough!


Jeremy Lopez

Get Out of Your Rut: From Stagnant to Breakthrough!

By Dr. Jeremy Lopez

Copyright © 2019

This book is licensed solely for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and you did not purchase it or it was not purchased for your use only, please return to your favorite book retailer and purchase your own copy.

All rights reserved. This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This book may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. The use of short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged.

Published by Identity Network

P.O. Box 383213 Birmingham, AL 35238


You are put on this earth with incredible potential and a divine destiny. This powerful, practical man shows you how to tap into powers you didn’t even know you had. – Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self Confidence

I found myself savoring the concepts of the Law of Attraction merging with the Law of Creativity until slowly the beautiful truths seeped deeper into my thirsty soul. I am called to be a Creator! My friend, Dr. Jeremy Lopez, has a way of reminding us of our eternal ‘I-Am-ness’ while putting the tools in our hands to unlock our endless creative potential with the Divine mind. As a musical composer, I’m excited to explore, with greater understanding, the infinite realm of possibilities as I place fingers on my piano and whisper, ‘Let there be!’ – Dony McGuire, Grammy Award winning artist and musical composer

Jeremy dives deep into the power of consciousness and shows us that we can create a world where the champion within us can shine and how we can manifest our desires to live a life of fulfillment. A must read! – Greg S. Reid – Forbes and Inc. top rated Keynote Speaker

I have been privileged to know Jeremy Lopez for many years, as well as sharing the platform with him at a number of conferences. Through this time, I have found him as a man of integrity, commitment, wisdom, and one of the most networked people I have met. Jeremy is an entrepreneur and a leader of leaders. He has amazing insights into leadership competencies and values. He has a passion to ignite this latent potential within individuals and organizations and provide ongoing development and coaching to bring about competitive advantage and success. I would recommend him as a speaker, coach, mentor, and consultant. – Chris Gaborit – Learning Leader, Training & Outsourcing Entrepreneur





Recognizing Limitation

Turning Points

The Renewal

Greater Glory

The Burden of Thought

Doing the Work




Mystery and Meaning

Closing Thoughts

About the Author



The abundant life is one of movement. From the least to the greatest, from the young to the aged, when one considers the vast promises of God, one envisions movement in some way. From the outside world around you filled with crowded and busy streets to the internal world beyond natural sight, comprised with atoms, there is not one singular thing within this great and vast, majestic Creation which doesn’t move. Knowing this, then, why is it that we can at times feel so very stuck? Why is it that we can often find ourselves feeling the discontentment that can only come from seemingly being trapped somewhere between a vision and a manifestation? Why is it that so often, in spite of our best efforts, we find ourselves, well, being stuck in a rut? As I began to ponder the question, my mind began to wander, as I found myself thinking of the many wonderful, many faithful individuals I’ve encountered throughout my years in public ministry – individuals who, regardless of the great faith they possessed, found themselves feeling stuck somewhere between a dream and a result.

As I write these words to you, my friend and fellow seeker, I feel compelled to address for the very first time a revelation that changed my own personal life all those years ago in the early days of Identity Network. In fact, when I think of the vision that birthed this global outreach all those years ago, even then, I find myself thinking of movement. What began as a simple, burning passion within my own heart and spirit to see the world impacted with the Gospel so that all might become awakened to the reality of the inner Christ, I feel it’s no exaggeration to say I’ve been privileged to be a part of an actual, global movement as men and women, regardless of culture or creed, have come to better understand the transformative power of spiritual awakening within their own lives. It truly is no exaggeration and it isn’t mere hyperbole to suggest that every success in this physical dimension that we consider to be life on Planet Earth not only requires but also quite literally demands movement. For when movement ceases so too does life itself.

Throughout more than twenty years of public ministry, I’ve had the tremendous privilege and honor of looking into the faces of beautiful souls who, like you, often felt stuck after feeling and experiencing what, for them, were some of the greatest pains and greatest, most unimaginable setbacks. And then, miraculously, I watched as they began to emerge from their own wilderness experiences with renewed hope, renewed fervor, and an even more heightened faith in God and in themselves. Like you, I know what it means to feel trapped in moments that seem all too inescapable. Like most, I’ve found myself in moments of pain questioning my own faith at times. And yet, what is it that separates those who remain trapped in moments of setback and adversity from those who would go on to accomplish the even greater works which Jesus spoke of? Allow me to ask it another way. What separates those who remain trapped within their dreams and desires from those who would go on to not only manifest those dreams but also go on to experience a greater more fuller measure of the abundant life within the Kingdom of God?

Surprisingly, there is a very real difference. Shockingly, there, in fact, are very real, time-tested and proven strategies that exist that when implemented can cause one to not only become unstuck but also emerge from the prison of limitation with unending power. These strategies are not merely the effects of positive thinking, as some have claimed. These strategies are not simply the end-result of the pseudo-science being heralded from many self-proclaimed voice within the empowerment community. No. Instead, these proven strategies are those that can only come from a life that has, like many, recognized the pain of defeat and the trauma of the most debilitating of setbacks. What proven principles contained within the Word of God could allow someone such as me to move beyond his own limitations to be given the honor and privilege of ministering to a worldwide audience each day, going on to author more than forty books? Well, as you will see, it’s the same principle – the same power – which inspires the single mother of three to go on to build her own successful business and find love again after reeling in the agony of divorce and grieving the end of her marriage. And it’s the same principles that inspire a dreamer, beaten down by life, to go on and claim his own abundant life.

You see, we’re truly all identical in this life in that we all experience the moments of opposition, the moments of defeat, and, yes, even the moments that at times feel like literal death. As Jesus himself said, in this life, we will have tribulation. Those words must have seemed so very bleak and so very dire to the onlookers who heard him speak that day. Those words must have seemed so very contradictory and perhaps even a literal hypocritical. He had been proclaiming the existence of an abundant life. How could it be possible for moments of setback and moments of opposition to in any way coexist with an abundant life? He didn’t end there, though. Rather, he said to take heart and to have joy because the Christ had already overcome the world. As you read these words, my sincere prayer for you is that as you now find yourself feeling trapped, stuck in the rut of limitation, you would begin to recognize that even now there is an even greater, more powerful voice within you. Whether you fully realize it yet or not, the overcoming Christ is beginning to emerge more fully. Not only is it possible for you to emerge from the limiting, self-defeating prison that’s kept you from advancing into your destiny, the truth of the matter is that you’re coming out more powerful than you could ever even dared to imagine.


Every promise, every prophecy, and every prediction that has ever flowed forth

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