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Billionaire Storm: Billionaire Boys Series - Volume 2

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Mike Collins has the worst of luck. The ship he is on is swept into a hurricane and now he has nothing but the clothes on his back. The biggest problem is the only place with a room is owned by a woman who although beautiful is as mean as a snake. Although he is a billionaire and tells her so, she doesn't believe him until its too late. Karen is the owner of Paradise Hotel after her parent's tragic death. Now with a place to run she leaves her life in the States to move to Fiji and rebuild. When the snooty businessman comes to her door demanding a room she decided to put him in his place and to work. He either works for room and board or sleeps somewhere else. They both deny their attraction to each other but when Mike sees Karen being bullied by the other hotel owner he decided to step in. Will she thank him for being her knight in shining armor or will things go even further south between them? When she finds out a secret Mike has been holding and the real reason he's there, everything gets worse.

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