How to Relax: Scientific Body Control

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How to Relax: Scientific Body Control

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“Little Bill” Miller—one of the country’s foremost relaxation experts—has been paid as high as $100 an hour for his services. Jittery business men…harassed war wives…Army aviation cadets—thousands of people, young and old, have benefited—both in mind and body—from “Little Bill’s” training! Famous college and professional teams have engaged his services.

This famous “One Hundred Dollar Course” is now set forth in book form. Sprinkled with personal anecdotes, HOW TO RELAX tells how great performers have learned to relax and conserve their energies. And it tells how you can develop this same vital energy-hoarding quality that lies dormant within you!

Here are described specifically all of Miller’s exercises—for relaxation in the office, in the kitchen, one the bowling alley, the golf course, the tennis court, on the great professional and college playing fields and in our military training camps.

Use this formula by one of the country’s foremost relaxation experts, and it will teach you how to give more at the right time, less at the wrong time, and reap greater results and rewards!

William H. Miller is a former business man to whom body control became a religion. He resigned to preach his faith full time and as a result the “Miller Method” has hundreds of thousands of disciples in all walks of life and in every branch of sport. This is one of the few systems which has clearly demonstrated that a loose, energy-conserving body means a keener mind in the “clutch.”

“He has relaxed more than 10,000 people, aged 5 to 75, has loosened up college football and basketball teams, a professional baseball club, Army aviation cadets.”—TIME Magazine
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