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Computer Game 1977 (FUTURE I -1): Way to Eden

Computer Game 1977 (FUTURE I -1): Way to Eden

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Computer Game 1977 (FUTURE I -1): Way to Eden

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Jul 27, 2019


In the constellation of the Swan NASA has already discovered in 2015 an Earth-like planet called "Kepler 452b". In 2058 the first long-range spaceship starts from Earth. It has 1337 passengers on board. They are emigrants from an overpopulated earth with 16.7 billion people. The spaceship is on the flight to the constellation of the swan. On board, seven so-called "drivers" watch over the 1330 stasis-staggered and sleeping passengers. Luna is the responsible driver of the spaceship. In order to get some variety in the dreary life on board, she has developed a passion, she has created her own virtual world. This computer program allows her to dive into a holographic fictional world whenever she wants it. But then strange things happen, and the virtual world starts to become real.
Jul 27, 2019

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Computer Game 1977 (FUTURE I -1) - J.F. Simon

Computer Game 1977


Way to Eden



Jens F. Simon

Text copyright © 2019 Jens F. Simon

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The world seems to be how you see it; you believe that anyway. A normal day starts like every day before. The weeks and months pass and appear in your memories. Then you meet a person and the world as you know it suddenly does not exist anymore. Everything just exaggerated imagination, you think. Then it gets worse. Your existence is questioned. Your own intellect turns against you and you doubt God and ask him, Who am I, what am I, why am I!

Table of Contents


A new experience


The girl named Luna

Luna’s secret

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In search of habitable worlds in the depths of space, the US Space Agency Nasa announces an electrifying news in 2015: Earth has a double in another galaxy.

In the constellation of the swan, Nasa has discovered an Earth-like planet under the name Kepler 452b.

The head of the research team spoke enthusiastically of an Earth 2.0. Kepler 452b is located about 1400 light-years from Earth but according to preliminary findings is the closest life-friendly world outside of our own solar system.

The Space Telescope Kepler, installed 70 million kilometers from Earth, discovered the Earth-like planet.

Asked by a journalist if you could fly to Kepler 452b, the head of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California had to laugh.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press. So far, we have little experience in the construction of manned spaceships. But even if we managed to invent a propulsion system that could accelerate the ship to the speed of light, it would take decades for this ship to reach Kepler 452b. Believe me, knowing about the existence of Kepler 452b is one thing, but the execution of an interstellar flight is quite different. This project should be something for our children and grandchildren.

A new experience

The summer evening was lukewarm. Liam walked slowly along the small dirt track that farmers used with their animals during the day. He could have taken the paved road as well, but the path was the direct way and led across a small clearing to the childhood home of Ben.

The moon had already risen, though it was not quite dark yet. Liam looked at his watch.

It had just turned nine o'clock. Now

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