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Cucina Comforts: Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, #3

Cucina Comforts: Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, #3

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Cucina Comforts: Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash, #3

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Jul 29, 2019


Ahhh, the tantalizing aromas, comforts, and romance of the rustic Italian kitchen! Imagine those wonderful aromas drifting through your home and enticing you and your guests, at your Cucina Comforts Dinner Party! Treat your friends and family to the warm, comforting tastes and aromas of a rustic Italian country kitchen and Italian comfort food.

I make it easy for you. In Cucina Comforts, the third book of my Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash series, I show you how.

You'll be using my authentic Italian menu and recipes. Even if you've never been to Italy in person, you've seen the photos and longed to go. Capturing a part of the charm of Italy, and making it available to delight you and your guests, is what this book is all about. By using my menu and recipes, you'll arrive at deliciously complex flavors with relatively simple ingredients and methods. 

In my travels to Italy, I collected recipes from my wonderful Italian hosts. Then I tested them, getting the American measurements and cooking methods exactly right for you.

Dress your table with fresh wildflowers, rustic earthenware, and a colorful tablecloth. Get your ingredients together, invite your friends, and entertain yourself and your guests with the comfort of an authentic rustic Italian kitchen.

Jul 29, 2019

Informazioni sull'autore

Nashville party planner Xandra Nash really knows how to throw a fun and mouthwatering themed dinner party, and truly enjoys sharing her scrumptious gourmet dishes with her clients and friends. Bringing together complementary dishes to create themed dinner parties is Xandra’s best talent. Her menus are perfect for the chosen theme, and her authentic recipes (gleaned from her travels) are luscious! She completes the party’s ambiance with decorations that are just right to bring the theme alive. After countless requests for her recipes, Xandra has put together for you her Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash series, featuring her most asked-for menus and recipes. She makes it simple for you! You’ll enjoy hosting your own themed dinner parties such as New Orleans Brunch, Summer in Tuscany, and Evening in Havana. Your guests will love them, and you’ll appreciate that Xandra makes it so easy for you! Xandra lives in Nashville, Tennessee, a true “foodie” city. Her family gets to enjoy her delicious creations almost every day, and two golden labs are always underfoot in the kitchen.

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Cucina Comforts - Xandra Nash

Cucina Comforts

Authentic Italian Menu & Recipes

Dinner Parties by Xandra Nash – Vol. 3

Xandra Nash


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Table of Contents



The Story behind Cucina Comforts

Cucina Comforts Dinner Menu

Appetizer: Broiled Figs with Prosciutto

Semolina Gnocchi with Parmigiano and Sage Butter

Drunken Pork Roast

Braised Chard with Currants & Pine Nuts

Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce Dessert



Shopping List

Printable Menu & Shopping List

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About Xandra Nash



Also by Xandra Nash


FIRST, I WANT TO THANK Nonnina for sharing her authentic and delicious menu and recipes with me for

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