Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror (Book One)

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Cruel and Unusual: Four Short Stories of Judicial Horror (Book One)

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n this set of four short stories, the perennial struggle to catch the bad guys gets the supernatural treatment. Like holding a murder trial in a twilight zone, anything can happen—but in the end, justice will be served.

In “Judge and Jury,” a violent gang tries to make its own rules. But out West, a kangaroo court is the only law, and this time, there’s a ghost in attendance. He knows the truth about their terrible crimes, and he won’t stop until someone pays for it.

Capital punishment gets a vengeful twist in “The Wheel,” as the victim’s family gets involved in choosing the style of execution. It may be cruel to leave things to fate, but the mourners don’t care. They are thirsty for retribution.

Each tale is a part moral quandary, part horror story, and together they explore the death penalty in all its forms. Such justice is older than the Salem trials, but the implications extend far beyond the demise of one person. What is right may not always be clear, but eventually, whether it is the accused, the wronged, or the devil himself who makes the final call, the ax must fall.

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