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How to Grow Tomatoes: Growing Guides

How to Grow Tomatoes: Growing Guides

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How to Grow Tomatoes: Growing Guides

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Jun 9, 2017


How To Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a gardener's dream. There really is nothing quite like the taste of a home-grown organic fresh tomato. There are hundreds of different varieties of tomato which fall into roughly four different types:

- Regular everyday tomato
- Cherry tomatoes
- Plum tomatoes
- Beefsteak tomatoes

You can grow most tomatoes in containers if garden space is limited, and you can also plant them in random places round the garden. There is a good reason for this!

*Suggested varieties - images and descriptions of a few regular garden varieties
*Planting and general care tips - looking after your tomatoes
*Harvesting and storing options - time to harvest and how to store your tomatoes
*A few delicious recipe ideas - simple recipes to make the most of your crops
*General gardening advice - best practices for your gardening experience.

Happy Gardening!

Jun 9, 2017

Informazioni sull'autore

Linda Gray lived off the land as a stay-at-home mum on a tiny budget for many years and, among other things, learned how to connect with nature and the simpler things in life. Her experiences led her to pursue her childhood dream of writing and she has been sharing her ideas via books and blogs for more than a decade.

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How to Grow Tomatoes - Linda Gray



There are four main types of tomatoes:

-Regular everyday family tomato: these can be used in everyday meals; salads, cheese on toast, sandwiches and sliced to garnish any meal.

-Cherry tomatoes: small sweet and a favourite with the kids!

-Plum tomatoes: Often bought in cans, growing them at home is fun.

-Beefsteak tomatoes: As they sound, these tomatoes grow big and beefy! They do take a little longer to develop and ripen.

Within these four types, there are hundreds of variations. I grew some tiny yellow plum tomatoes for a couple of years and the children devoured them as soon as they were ripe!

There are so many varieties of tomatoes to choose from. It's nice to grow more than one type if you have the space. These were available at Thompson & Morgan (UK) at the time of writing:


Tomato 'Capriccio' F1 Hybrid

Finally! A mini plum tomato to rival the sweetness of traditional cherry varieties! Tomato Carpriccio F1 produces glossy, cherry-sized, oval fruits

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