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Accelerate Your Metabolism: How To Stimulate Your Metabolism While Losing Weight And Gaining Health And Energy Every Day (Step by Step Weight Loss Guide With Delicious Recipes Ideas)

Accelerate Your Metabolism: How To Stimulate Your Metabolism While Losing Weight And Gaining Health And Energy Every Day (Step by Step Weight Loss Guide With Delicious Recipes Ideas)

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Accelerate Your Metabolism: How To Stimulate Your Metabolism While Losing Weight And Gaining Health And Energy Every Day (Step by Step Weight Loss Guide With Delicious Recipes Ideas)

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Jul 22, 2019


Stimulating the metabolism to become slim and lank. Easier said than done, but with this book, you come a little closer to your dream.

Lose weight without starving, because hunger is the number one enemy! You are not losing weight, but rather gaining weight? Then you should accelerate your metabolism which has more or less fallen asleep.

- Do you want to stimulate your metabolism?
- Would you like to learn more about intermittent fasting?
- You want to lose weight on a long-term basis and without being hungry?

This guide is the solution for you!

You will learn how the metabolism works, how to lose weight with the metabolism diet and how all this can work permanently. This in combination with intermittent fasting and a low carb diet has an extremely positive effect on your weight. Losing weight has never been so easy!

The book will help you:

- Understanding your metabolism
- To get to know the metabolism diet and to use it successfully for you
- Maximize your fat burning and finally get slim
- To recognize when their metabolism works well and when it doesn't
- To integrate interval fasting into your everyday life
- Align your eating habits to Low Carb

No matter if you want to lose only 5 or 25 kilos. This book gives you the perfect introduction with delicious recipe ideas for every day.

Try it today for the sake of your health and figure. In return, you will get a better body feeling and more well-being.
Jul 22, 2019

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Accelerate Your Metabolism - Books on Demand



Who doesn't know that? The slender colleague can apparently eat what she wants without putting on a single gram, while even the smallest piece of chocolate makes itself felt on your hips. I just have a fast metabolism is what you often hear from people like that. But what is it about metabolism and can anyone boost their metabolism in such a way that they can eat masses of fast food and sweets without gaining weight?

Of course, it's not that simple. To a certain extent, the metabolism is genetically determined, so the big piece of cream cake will probably not remain without regrets in the future.

With a healthy diet, lots of physical exercise and some easy-to-follow nutrition tips, you will get your metabolism going in such a way that you can easily maintain your desired weight even without a diet.

I will explain to you exactly what the metabolism is all about and how you can positively influence it.

With the right diet, it's easy. I will give you tips on how you can accelerate your metabolism through physical exercise and burn fat easily.

Afterwards I will give you five simple everyday tricks that can be integrated into every life and with which you can effortlessly achieve your desired weight, stay healthy and feel completely comfortable in your skin.

What is metabolism and energy metabolism?

So what's with the metabolism now? Strictly speaking, there are several metabolic processes in the body in which different substances - energy in the form of carbohydrates and fats, cell building blocks in the form of protein - are used in the body.

When it comes to weight and weight loss, the energy metabolism is particularly interesting. Energy metabolism is the process by which the calories supplied to the body from outside are converted into energy. This process takes place constantly in every single cell of our body, and at the same time all organs of our body play their role, just like the different instruments in an orchestra.

The food we eat is broken down into its individual components in the gastrointestinal tract. These are then absorbed into the bloodstream via the intestinal mucosa and transported to where they are needed. Our cells resemble small incinerators in which the calories consumed in the food are burned, creating heat energy.

This energy allows us to move our muscles in the first place - every movement, from pressing the remote control to running a marathon, requires energy. In addition to the energy metabolism, the so-called building metabolism also takes place, which serves to build up and maintain body mass and for which primarily protein, but also fat and other substances are needed.

Nutrients for the metabolism

All cells in our body are in a constant process of renewal. Dead cells, which leave the body through various excretory processes, must be constantly renewed. For this, the body naturally needs raw materials from which new cells can then develop.


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