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'Can We Disagree without Being Disagreeable?' - 7/6/18

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Hour 1
Pat Gray and Jeffy in for Glenn...The next Justice for the Supreme Court is still anyone's guess...Resignation of Scott Pruitt from the E.P.A. ...We have the actual list of scandles that happened under the Obama administration with the E.P.A. ...Whataburger=Teen wearing a MAGA hat=theft=charges pressed...Where's the charge in defending Maxine Waters?...
Hour 2 
Why not take where you currently live and make it a great place?...Democrats are 'evolving' into Socialists...Pat Gray plays a sound bit from Justice Ginsbsburg showing how 'smart' she really is...Joe Scarborough of 'Morning Joe' still isn't making any sense...The Pope and Mother Nature...How big of a 'problem' is Mexico?...
Hour 3
There's a big heat wave going on in Europe, well inside an airplane that wasn't allowed to get off for three hours!...There's no growth without adversity...Job postings/ listings by Jeffy...Are we going to have a banana shortage?...Callers sound off- on everything!...Are we about to shatter some records with weather?

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