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'Blood Pressure is Rising' with Bill O'Reilly and John Crist - 10/5/18

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Hour 1
Obama talks about his younger years... Glenn plays a doctor on T.V. ... Stu has volunteered to play the part of Obama in the 'Power Hour'... What was the typical 'black experience' during Obama's youth?... The Kavanaugh vote may cause some folks to drink... We do this in the name of science... Remember none of the Dems were up in arms over Obama's 'thug' like behavior... 300 people arrested yesterday at the Capitol... Would you be man enough to endure what Kavanaugh has gone through?...
Hour 2 
We can stand against violence towards others... #MeToo has grown out of control with more accusations than convictions... Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn during 'crunch time' covering Kavanaugh... New evidence that goes against Ford, not Kavanaugh!... Bill's book comes out 10/9/18... Alyssa Milano is stepping over to 'insane'ville... Covering the Cloture vote regarding Kavanaugh from the Senate floor... U.S Senate votes 51 - 49 if favor of proceeding forward with Kavanaugh...
Hour 3
Special Guest, comedian, John Crist... Enjoy a laugh at yourself and at others for a bit... Pat Gray joins Glenn... Podcast numbers are in and Pat Gray Unleashed is HUGE!!!... How will the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court play out?... Opiodes are addictive but that doesn't mean the government needs to come in do away with them... A staff member of Mercury One has won the Nobel Peace Prize

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