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April 7, 2009 HOUR 1: Alan Watt on "Truth Quest with Melodee" on KHEN 106.9 FM, Salida, Colorado, USA

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Banking, Planned Society, Scientific Indoctrination, International Socialism - One Party Global System - Marxism, Darwinism.
Understanding of Nature (Science) - Foundations Building Consensus - Population Reduction, Ancient Greek Wars, Neoplatonism, Fascism - CFR-RIIA, Parallel Government.
H.G. Wells, Creation of "Free Love", Family Breakdown - Julian Huxley, Sterilized Public, Sperm Count Decline - WHO, United Nations, Inoculation Program.
Cecil Rhodes, British Empire as Model, Alfred Milner, League of Nations - Home/Property Building Codes and Inspections, Agenda 21 - Immigration, Crowded Cities.
Bertrand Russell, Fabian Society - Bretton Woods Accord, Keynes - North American Amalgamation, Fortress America - FTAA, NAFTA, New Parliament - Supercities.
Water Supply Privatization, Britain, Ownership of Resources - Corporate Raiders, Takeovers - Interdependence - Chain Stores, Elimination of Competition and Variety.
Public-Private Partnerships - Duty to Serve World State, Youth Service - (New World) Order Out of Chaos.
"The Soviet Story" movie, Extermination, Ukrainian Genocide - Communism - China.

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