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Apr. 23, 2015 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Guest on Reality Bytes Radio w/ Neil Foster)

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Bureaucratic Nightmares - "Brazil" - Phone Problems - Six Weeks for a Gas Hookup - Permits, Fees, Long Waits - Technocracy - Managed from
Birth to Death - Antony Sutton, Funding of Soviet System - Three Major Trading Blocs - Problems of World Stem from Individualism - GIRFEC -
Tuttle and Buttle - Corporate Welfare - Call Centers, No Idea What They're Saying - India's Large Middle Class, Exporting People -
Caste, Class System - India and China, Family-Oriented, Ethnocentric - Black Market - Gradually Alter Culture - Five, Ten, Hundred Year
Plans - Multiculturalism - Free Movement of Labour - Integration Until No Longer a Native Population - No Skilled Workers Remain in Poland -
Department of Defense (UK) Predictions - Create Super City-States - Same Plan for U.S. - Force Folk into Cities - Big Agra Businesses -
Destroy Basic Morality - Old Soviet System You See Results of Eliminating Religion - Gangsters Admired - Shared Cultural Values - Bulgaria -
Adapting to Bribery - Those at Top Almost a Different Species.

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