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Episode 34 - An Interview with Jamal Igle: Molly Danger Has Arrived!

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This week on The Comics Alternative Andy and Derek interview Jamal Igle about his new project, Molly Danger. This is just in time for next week’s Free Comic Book Day, when Action Lab will include a preview of the first story arc in one of their FCBD issues. In their conversation, the Two Guys with PhDs talk with Jamal about the genesis of Molly Danger, the need for more all-ages hero comics, the importance of strong and positive female role models in the medium, and the runaway success of the book’s Kickstarter campaign, which helped to make Molly Danger a reality. Jamal also talks with the guys about the format he’s chosen for the title, releasing Molly Danger in a multi-volume hardbound album format in the Franco-Belgian tradition, and he speculates on his future plans for the enigmatic Molly. Be sure to listen to this fascinating conversation and get the scoop on this new comic. This is one of those FBCD releases you’ll want to grab first as you make your way to your comics shop on May 4th!

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