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039 | DensityDesign w/ Paolo Ciuccarelli

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Hi there!

We have been chasing Paolo for a while and eventually we managed to have him on the show. Paolo is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano and he is the founder of Density Design, a lab with an interesting mix of research, design and visualization.

With Paolo we talk about all things at the intersection of design and visualization, including a very interesting digression on architecture and how it helped him in the development of the lab. We also talk about how to teach design and the role of Visualization in the Humanities.

We also talk about Raw, an online visualization tool they developed which has recently gained quite some popularity (if you don't know it you should try it).

Enjoy the show!



Cyber-Geography Maps (early inspiration)
Density Design Flicker Stream
Density Design Blog
99 Models of Design Processes
Mapping the Republic of Letters (and this:
Franco Moretti's Distant Readings and Giorgio Caviglia (and the “incorporation” of design into humanities)
Fineo (Sankey Diagrams Tool)

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