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184: Celebrity Transformations, Career Transformations and Acting Transformations

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In this episode, we talk transformations: celebrities, career, and acting. Plus, the latest in pop culture news. SPONSOR: Prep Dish Prep Dish is a healthy subscription-based meal planning service. When you sign up, you’ll receive an email every week with a grocery list and instructions for prepping your meals ahead of time. After only 1-3 hours of prepping on the weekend, you’ll have all of your meals ready for the entire week. Prep Dish does the planning for you so the whole process can be a huge time-saver. What’s the best part? The genius behind prepdish, Allison, is offering Popcast listeners a FREE 2- week trial to try it out. MENTIONS #WhileIPopcast on Instagram The Popcast Newsletter NEWS Our Patreon supporters can get access to deleted content and our full News and Notes segment. Become a partner. Beauty and The Beast Director Says Film's 'Gay Moment' Overblown + LIGHTS + Green Knox: Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen Jamie: Missing Richard Simmons podcast Rate and Review: iTunes Subscribe to Episodes: iTunes | Android  Subscribe to our Weekly newsletter: Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Support Us: Monthly Donation | One-Time Donation | Swag

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